Easy Cookies and Cream Dessert

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Tonight we had my Hubby's parents over for dinner. I made those Ultimate grilled cheese sandwiches I was telling you about the other day! They loved them for sure!

And this is what we had for dessert!

Cookies and Cream Dessert!

SUPER quick and easy to make, nothing to it! 

This is how I made them 
{you're gonna laugh at me for even posting about them!}

Box of Jell-o Cookies and Cream 
instant pudding

Cool Whip
Oreo Cookies

Make pudding according to box instructions. 

Divide pudding into glasses 

It really should be pretty clear glasses so you can see the beautiful goodness! 
..just sayin! .. I used my short drinking glasses, since that's all I had! : ) I still thought they were adorable and Hubby said they looked so fancy!

Crush up some Oreo cookies in a bowl

Layer crushed cookies ontop of the pudding.

Now plop a couple hearty sized giant spoon fulls 
of whipped topping right on top! 

I gently spooned it around to get nice and and even 
and also was careful not to make a mess all over the glasses. 

Cut two cookies in half and 
poke a half in the top of each cup

Sprinkle remaining cookie crumbs on top.

Chill in fridge!


 Quick, easy and just enough dessert!

Ulitimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Have I got a YUMMY something to share with you today!
The restaurant where I waitress makes this sandwich called the Ultimate Grilled Cheese, and one of my customers ordered one yesterday, but wanted it made with a different kind of bread. But the cook overlooked the choice of bread I wrote and made the sandwich like regular, then realized what she did and made another sandwich. Well we can't let food just go to waste now, so my supervisor and I ate that sandwich- WOW! It was THE BEST grilled cheese sandwich I've ever had! After work I rushed to the grocery store and bought bread and cheeses to try and mimic the sandwich. I did. And here's how I made it so you can make one too! : ) 

 Ultimate Grilled Cheese Copycat! 

Sour dough bread
Cheddar cheese
 Swiss cheese
Parmesan cheese

 * The restaurant makes it with Panini bread but the grocery store was out.
*  I used grated Parmesan Cheese. Found little containers of it near the deli section. 

Slice and butter outsides of bread like you would a normal grilled cheese. Cut thin slices of swiss and cheddar cheese. On one slice of the bread I put slices of cheddar down first, then sprinkled a good layer of parmesan, and topped that with slices of the swiss cheese. In my heated pan on the stovetop I laid the slice of bread with cheese inside and heated it awhile before adding the top piece of bread. I actually covered my pan with a round pizza pan to keep in the heat for a minute to allow the cheese to melt a bit faster. After adding the top piece, flip sandwich over carefully and wait till other side is golden and crispy! -- pretty much made just like a normal grilled cheese sandwich! 

It's soooo good! Pretty sure I'll never make a grilled cheese the "old" way ever again! 

I ate mine with some of my chicken and rice dish

Okay, now go make one for yourself!

happy grilled cheesing!

Baby Bloom Bands!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

A couple weeks ago I purchased some skinny elastic form an etsy shop, because I've been thinking about making some different kind of baby headband. I haven't been making anymore of my big flower crochet baby headbands lately, and I've really only sold like one of them. So I'm going to try out something a little different, and incorporating my bloom flowers that I use for my bloom necklaces. I made my first one today and I think it's pretty cute. What do you think?


This one was wrapped, packaged, and mailed to my sweet baby niece! 
I hope it fits and looks adorable!

*          *          *          *          * 


I've added some Bloom Rings to the shop!

Have already gotten a custom order for one! :) 

Over time I'll be adding more colors. 
If you don't see a color you'd like, ask me and I'd be happy to make one in the color of your dreams! ; ) 

Bloom Ring Giveaway Winner...

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

comment # 6


I'll be sending you an email soon! Be ready to pick which ring you want! 

Thank you everyone for entering my giveaway. I enjoyed all your "first pet" stories! :)

Happy Good Friday!

Friday, April 6, 2012

I know I've shared this before, but these are the lyrics to one of my favorite songs. It moves my heart to tears each time I hear it and read these words. May we never forget what our Lord did for us that day on the cross.. giving up all of Himself to save us sinful people. He is GOOD. 

My Jesus, fair, was pierced by thorns, by thorns grown from the fall.
Thus He who gave the curse was torn, to end that curse for all.

My Jesus, meek, was scorned by men, by men in blasphemy.
“Father, forgive their senseless sin!” He prayed, for them, for me.

My Jesus, kind, was torn by nails, by nails of cruel men.
And to His cross, as grace prevailed, God pinned my wretched sin.

My Jesus, pure, was crushed by God, by God, in judgment just.
The Father grieved, yet turned His rod, on Christ, made sin for us.


My Jesus, strong, shall come to reign, to reign in majesty.
The Lamb arose, and death is slain. Lord, come in victory!

And may we also never forget that death could not KEEP Him!  

Isaiah 53:5- "But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon Him; and WITH HIS STRIPES WE ARE HEALED."

Have a great Easter weekend, remembering our Savior!  

New Shop Item Coming and Giveaway!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

I must introduce to you a new item I am adding into my shop! 

{please excuse the creepy looking skin on my pointer finger. I burned it last week on steam while making dinner}  

Aren't they little cuties?! 

Made a pretty white one for myself! I love it!

They are made with the same cotton embroidery thread as my bloom necklaces, and are glued down to a silver plated adjustable ring. 

*       *       *       *       *       *

Before I add them into my shop I'd love to do a giveaway for one of these rings! 

One of you bloggy friends of mine will get to pick your favorite ring you see here in these pictures- the very first batch of my bloom rings!  

To enter:
 {only open to my blog followers please!}
 Lately I have been thinking about and wishing we could have a pet- a puppy! But of course we can't because of our apartment living. So... 
1.leave me a comment telling me about the first pet you owned. If you are married, tell me about the very first pet you and your spouse had together! --I love hearing stories! 
Random entry, huh? : ) 

For a second comment:
2. Share your Pinterest account link in a comment so we can all be friends and like the same things ha ha ha! (seriously!)

Don't forget to leave your email in one of your comments so I can find you if you win! 
example: metsymade(at)gmail(com)
write it just like that in case that helps in avoiding spam mail..? ..I think

The giveaway ends Wednesday, April 11th!
And the winner will be picked using random.org.

 Have fun!