Twine is SO cool!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

This stuff is SO much f-u-n to work with! Here are some things that I've spiced up by adding twine

Pickle jar for my kitchen utensils

Ice cream container for a cookie jar
(which was made in a rush!)

I made some cookies late the other night that were for a birthday party after church the next day. After rummaging through the kitchen I realized all my rubber maid containers were in the fridge with leftovers and all I had were ice cream containers to put them in. Me being the person that I am (aka "Oh I don't want anyone to think I brought ice cream!") I decided that I just had to do a little "somethin' somethin" to the container to make it cute. It was really late and I still needed to take a shower for church in the morning, but I just couldn't stop decorating this thing... it was quite a disturbing site in the beginning stages when I was adding the ripped cardstock to the sides with mod podge. My husband and I kept laughing about how ugly it was while I was making it! But I think it turned out pretty cute.

Fridge magnet from pickle jar lid

Boredom struck the other night while my husband quietly sat next to me on the couch preparing his sermon for Bible conference coming up. I needed something to do, so I thought I’d make a cute little magnet with a pickle jar lid I saved. The picture looks funny because I printed it on regular paper and the ink is running out. I thought the twine would add cuteness to it so I mod podged it all along the side.

 Homemade greeting cards

Decor balls

I love how the twine looks on my homemade d├ęcor ball! This set isn’t quite finished yet, but I'll post about it when it is. I’m still trying to figure out what to do with the little black one. I just keep staring at it every day wondering what interesting thing I could do with it. 

Here are some other creative twine ideas I found while searching blog land

I found this monogram wrapped with twin over at Shanty2Chic 
It's so cute!!
Our last name starts with an M and it would be A-DORABLE!

Here are some more decor balls wrapped in twine that I found from House of Hepworths
 OOH, I just l.o.v.e the two tone ones!   

This pretty little vase is from These Creative Juices

So simple and yet very attractive is this little thrifted and 
fixed up canister from A little of this, A little of that

I'm amazed at how people make the plainest things so beautiful! 

Look what else I found! A twine DISPENSER!!
It was on a Martha Stewart website. She says to get a clean paint can from a paint shop 
and drill a hole in the lid for the twine... so there's no rollin' away of the twine while you're craftin' away. Now if that's not a great idea.. ! And of course, you can always decorate it to add more cuteness. 

V and Co decorated terracotta flower pots with twine  

 Are you convinced that twine is so cool?! 
Be creative and have some fun with it! And then let me know 
what AMAZING thing you've come up with. 

Until next time, happy crafting!


becks said...

You are so cute! I love reading all the crafty things you too... now if I only had the time that you do! LOL

Love Ya,

Jessica said...
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Allison @ House of Hepworths said...

Thanks for the feature!!!!!