Craft Show Details, Details Details!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Only 4 days left until it's Craft Show time!! I'm super excited and a little nervous. A couple nights ago I took down my whole display and did a practice run with packing it all up. I'm using my two large rolling luggage bags and we'll have to carry a couple of my larger displays. Then I set the whole display back up in my living room... ya, it's still here, crowding us out! 

I think I'm obsessed with little details! Little things that make really cute finishing touches.. I have way too much fun with all the little details! 


 I made myself a little name badge to wear for the show! 
I made a flower, cut a cardboard circle out and painted it with chalkboard paint :) 
I think it's just adorable.

... made up a bunch of extra business cards in case I run out of my nice profesh ones.
I'm keeping them all out together, so people can just choose whichever one.

... every different product has a printed photo price tag.

... I changed up my scarf display by adding a little wooden rack on top to drape a scarf over so it's not in the way of the other scarves while customers are browsing. And I also made a little chalkboard sign to let customers know they are welcome to try them on. Picked up a pack of 6 wooden rectangle pieces at Walmart, painted it with chalkboard paint, drilled a hole (ALL BY MYSELF! hehe) and hung it with twine. I definitely like the updated scarf display much better. (and I finished the other scarf I was working on).

... a bowl of free stickers!! Who doesn't like free stuff?!
Made the little chalkboard label with a piece of cardboard and chalkboard paint and glued it to a clothespin. 

... some of my products aren't labeled with my shop name, like my rings and earrings, so I made little tags to slip them onto the items when they are purchased, except for my scarves- I put them on those. I'd rather not have them already on the other items because I'm just picky like that.

... I labeled a few of my other products. 
Nutrition Facts: 100% Metsy MADE :) 
(like my all my button earrings.. I don't think I made enough of those little label tags above and I didn't feel like making more of them.. so I did it the lazy way and just cut up leftover papers I stamped and taped them on

... hand stamped "thank you" stickers to seal my customer's bags.

... And I'm bringing a little table to have behind my display with me to hold my cash box (yes the colorful little box.. got it at the dollar store) and my little pink thrifted basket for holding my packing goodies.

... and of course, I have a little tub of all my random essentials, extras, and things I might need while there at the event.

How's all that for details, details, details??? 

I think I'm officially ready for Saturday! 
Not quite sure what to expect, but I'm excited to try this nonetheless! :)

Have you already seen the rest of my display table and craft show prep?


Sailing with bare feet said...

Looks like a ton of fun! I love your name button! So cute!!

LC said...

Jess, you've done a wonderful job! I love everything and every little detail. Everything is just adorable! I didn't know chalkboard paint was that easy. Have a blast at your show! I can't wait to hear how it all goes. Love you, Aunt Leasa

Jessica said...

Thanks for the sweet comments Annie and Leasa! I'll definitely take photos and post about my experience! Can't wait! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow Jessie Metsy.. You are so talented.. Very impressed. I was telling your dad about some of the things you did. Very very impressive. Wish I was there to see the craft show.. Have fun.

The Ravert Family said...

It all looks gr

c said...

Hi, you are really ready!!! What beautiful thigns you have. I hope to see you there!!! I'm arranging many details, All the accesories you make are very pretty!!

Jen said...

Looks great! Details do make a difference and it looks like you've done a fantastic job of figuring out how to display all your merchandise! Excited for you!

Chiwei @ One Dog Woof said...

Love all the details, and how you organized the "behind-the-scenes" operations! So, are all your tags for earrings and the baby headbands cut from old boxes? Are the backs not the brown kraft color? I loved your other post and came back to see where you got the great tags.

Jessica said...

Thanks Chiwei! Yes, I made all my tags and cards from recycled cardboard food boxes! So the backs of my tags and cards have images and colors and occasionally nutrition facts HAHA! Sometime in the future I will probably update all those tags by using brown kraft paper and possibly using my computer and printer for adding my shop name.. to look a bit more professional. Although I have loved the idea of recycling, not sure if buyers are as thrilled as I am! Would love to know others' thoughts on that. Thanks for you comment!