DIY Acorn Necklace

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Call me a nut, but I'm in love with acorns! 
I've been collecting them from my husband's grandparent's yard every Sunday and I plan to use them in my Fall decorating. They are just so cute! I also saw some beautiful handmade necklaces on Etsy that I completely fell in love with! {here, here, and here.} Then I was thinking about making my own.. I was looking around for some cheap supplies, then I bumped into this post on how to make your own necklace from a real acorn! So I jumped off the couch and picked out the cutest acorn in my collection!

I started by gently removing the cap

Next I wanted to gut my little acorn, so I took my corn on the cob prongy holder thing and poked holes around the circle on the top of the acorn. Then I used my knife to cut out the circle, and then used one side of my scissors to dig the nutty stuff out and hollow out my nut.. that's alot of nutty goodness inside one little acorn!

After the acorn was hollowed out I pulled apart a cotton ball into a bunch of tiny shreds, squirt a drop of hot glue inside the acorn, then squished in a couple pieces of the cotton with my prong-y cob holder. I did this a couple of times till I got the hollowness filled. I'm not really sure why I did this part.. Maybe it will keep it from getting gross inside.. haha.. don't know.

Now I wanted to paint my acorn! 

I thought a pretty bronze-y shimmer would be pretty, and I have this glittery shimmer eyeshadow I found at the dollar store. I never use it because the color doesn't look good on me. At first I dry brushed on the eyeshadow, but when I brushed on mod podge after that, the shimmer kind of wiped away and disappeared. So I did it again and tried spraying Krylon's clear spray instead of brushing, but it kind of blew all the shimmer off! ... Needed another plan!

I mixed the shimmer eyeshadow with some clear nail polish and used my little paint brush to apply it to the acorn. Had to work quickly because the polish was drying fast!

It worked! 
And I just clear coated the top with a brush on clear paint I had.

Then I glued a jump ring to the acorn cap. I used a dab of E6000 and a dab of hot glue.. The hot glue to hold up while the E6000 dried. I thought E6000 would be stronger. I plan on painting the glue spot brown to match the cap so it's not very visible.

And now I have my own handmade Fall time acorn necklace! 

We took a walk last night and bumped into a couple with a wagon full of puppies, and they were the SWEETEST puppies ever! They were a mix of Shihtzu and Poodle, making them Shihpoodles! I held a couple of them and one tried to eat my acorn necklace! haha!{I'm definitely getting a Shihpoodle puppy when we're able to have a pet!}

Such a fun little craft and would be perfect for gifts! And how cool that I had everything I needed on hand! Love when I find those kinds of projects!!

Happy Almost Fall Time!!!!


Stacey said...

I love your necklace!
I would love if you came by my party happening now to link it up!
Stacey of Embracing Change

Unknown said...

This is so pretty!!!
new follwer

the cape on the corner said...

cutest thing, i LOVE acorns! great idea with the glitter.

Ashley Calder said...

Very cute! What a great idea!

Sabrina @ Neverland Nook said...

This is a great idea! So creative!

c said...

Very pretty creative pendant for this coming season!!!

Paula G

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting.