I'm an AUNTIE!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Yep, I'm an auntie! And WOW, my little baby sister is a MOMMY! Tell me, how is this possible?! Life sure does fly by rather quickly. I've waiting all day to hear the news when I knew my sister and her hubby went to the hospital this morning. I wish so badly I could be there with everyone to take part in all this joy and happiness! I bet my mom spent alot of the evening crying! Wish I could be there to cry with them too! 

Here's the photo I was texted of my new baby niece ... 

Now I'm just waiting for my sister to eat something and get on skype so I can see them :)

My Replacement For Picnik.com

Sunday, February 12, 2012

So has everyone heard the sad news that Picnik will be shutting down in April? I know, .. I cried too! It's something about joining Google + ... I don't really know all the details, but lots of people are unhappy with the news too. Anyhow, I like to do little touch up edits and resizing to my photos before posting them on my blog or facebook, and I was wondering what I was going to use once Picnik is gone. So I did some searching.. 

And found this site www.befunky.com
It's actually O.K! They have your basic edits like resizing and exposure and such, they have cool effects, stickers (not as great as picnik's though), frames, and you can add text to your photos too. 

Here are a few things I did to my photo using this site..
(I don't remember which effects they are, I just played around alot with them all)

Fun! :) 
So I think this will be the site I use for now to do my basic photo edits. 
They work fine enough for me!

Just thought I'd share my finds!

My Nuttiness Confirmed!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

 If there has ever been any question as to whether I'm "nuts", I think we finally have the answer! Because something came in the mail for me yesterday confirming it!. . and I just had to share!

I DIED laughing when I found this in my mail box! I laughed out loud all the way up the stairs to our apartment! {FYI my last name is METS.} .. But I'm sure any of my closest and dearest friends would all agree that the name on the envelope is quite fitting :)

Trailer Shop Boutique?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Once upon a time I was browsing through a cute blog and bumped into this picture and fell in love...

It is THE. MOST. ADORABLE. trailer I have EVER seen!!! 

I want it!

... and my husband think it's UGLY!

I thought it would be SOOO cute and fun to have a trailer just like, color and all, take out the stove, bathroom and other parts and carry all my shop stuff in it, displayed all pretty (that is, when I make more stuff consistently and my shop grows!) and have the trailer as a little shop boutique! 

... and my husband thinks I'm CRAZY!

I said I'm looking for one of these darling babies when we have our own house someday to do just all of this! 

... and my husband said he'd be EMBARRASSED! 

Anyway, that's my new dream :)
{... I haven't even gotten as far as reaching the goal of selling at a craft market yet! HAHA!}

.. And my husband will love me anyways. ..