Blue dress and a bad hair day

Sunday, July 31, 2011

It was one of those mornings.. ya, the ones where the hair hates me! It's funny how it always happens on a Sunday morning.. (hmm.. Satan, are ya trying something??). Seriously. Grumpy morning.. yuck. These are the days I throw it all up and don't worry about it frizzin' or poofin' or stressin' me out. (these are also the days I'm tempted to show my hair who's boss and chop it all off! ... but I might regret it later so I ignore the temptations). 

At least I felt alright about my outfit... 
(once again the pictures are fuzzy, even after resizing and such. Oh well)

Yeah for fuzzy pictures... grr...

Backyard Movie Night Inspiration

Friday, July 29, 2011

 I'm dying to do a backyard movie night! .. okay, so we don't exactly have a backyard, but there's a perfect grassy spot out behind our apartments. It would be so much!! We could invite everyone from our church, and I even thought it would be really neat to invite other people we bump into or happen to talk to- yes strangers! And also post a little sign on the apartment bulletin board, inviting neighbors too. "Bring your lawn chairs" of course :) Ah! I am so inspired after looking through so many outdoor movie ideas online! So I thought I'd share some with you!

Isn't this set up just so perfect!?


Definitely gotta have some snacks if we're hosting our own little movie party!
And I love the wagon idea!


A basket of little blankets is so sweet to provide!
Ya never know, the weather might be cool in the evenings.

And for sure, you can't have a movie night without POPCORN!

So are you inspired too??
I just have to do this! I have feel like I'm letting the summer slip away from me.. 

Here are a couple sites that share tips on putting on a nice outdoor movie night

OH And don't forget the BUG SPRAY!!!! 

Fabric covered button bobby pins and a button how-to

Monday, July 25, 2011

Recently I purchased some bobby pin blanks on Etsy, so the other day I made a few cute bobby pins with my fabric covered buttons.

Aren't they the cutest little things? 

I've been wanting to make some of these for awhile. These ones I made up for myself, but I'd love to make some sets for my shop.

They're so easy and fun to make. 
All you have to do is glue the fabric covered button right to the bobby pin blank. 
{I use E6000 glue}

How to Make a Fabric Covered Button

If you've never made fabric covered buttons, you don't know what you're missing! Here's a quick how-to for making fabric covered buttons. 

1. Outer button shell and the backing (there are flat backs or pronged backs for sewing onto things. If you have pronged buttons, just pull it off with some pliers)
2. Most kits come with these two pieces- the base and the little blue topper. Not sure what to call them! (you can find the kits at Walmart, or fabric stores and probably Michael's). 
3. The backs of the kit boxes usually have a circle chart. Cut out the right size you need for your button. And then trace your circle onto your fabric. Your circle will be bigger than your button. 
4. Place your fabric centered on top of rubber base along with the top of the button. Make sure it's centered.

5. Push the button shell down inside the base. 
6. With your finger nail, tuck the fabric down inside along the button shell.
7. Place the button backing on top
8. Take the blue thing and give a good push down on the backing until you feel a little click.

Then pop out the button and there you go!
Ready for embellishing anything you want!

I LOOOOOOVE fabric covered buttons! They are so much fun!

DISCOUNT for my blog readers!

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The discount starts today and will end August 1st.
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A skirt day

Friday, July 22, 2011

Boy was today another humid day! So thankful Hubby works indoors where there's air conditioning. 
 Today was one of those days I felt like wearing a skirt. I never wear this skirt either. It's just a super simple outfit, but I love how I feel when I dress up a little more than my usual casual-ness. I'm starting to like randomly wearing skirts here and there during the week, not just for church.

Skirt probably from walmart, shirt walmart $3 clearance, earrings made by me

I'm always wanting to do something different with my hair besides throwing it up in a bun, but.. normally I'm not creative enough so the bun it usually is! Today I put it in a low pony tail kind of on the side, then did a topsy tail thing (flipping the pony tail up and out the top) then just wrapping it in a bun. Can't even tell the whole topsy thing! 

Metsy Made on Facebook

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I decided to create a Facebook fan page for my shop!
If you use Facebook, be sure to visit me and like my page!! :) 

Sleepy Blue Bird

Thought I would share my latest baby hat I just finished.

It's my favorite hat yet. I adore those sleepy eyes!
It's the best formed hat I've made, and it's it's super soft and stretchy. I've learned to loosen up on my stitching for hats and they are turning out so much better! Before I ever attempted to make a hat I remember thinking trying a hat would be so scary and hard! But now that I've made quite of few of them, they are so easy! And with most simple hat patterns you can add anything to turn them into cute animal hats or anything else! I love it! I'm so tempted to keep this little birdie hat, but I added him to my shop. I plan to make him again. 
... Oh yes, that reminds me. I have some news I never told. I'm going to be an auntie! My little sister (7 years younger) is pregnant and she had her first ultra sound a few weeks ago.

When I saw this photo I got so emotional! I started crying! Wow, this little peanut is real and it's my family... my little niece or nephew.... So amazing. And I'm so excited to make all sorts of cute things for the baby to wear!!
  There are a few people telling my mom (back in California) that I really need to get a move on having kids because I'm getting old. To be honest, I'm not ready and I'm not worried either. I'm 26. I don't exactly think that's considered old yet haha! We are just waiting for awhile, and enjoying each other alone. So if you're reading this and by chance you are one of those people who are worried that I haven't rushed into having babies already, please don't ask or recommend anymore. When it's our time, you will know. Much appreciated.

Gray and Tan?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

 Do gray and tan go together? .. and black too? .. Oh ya, and purple???
Here's my outfit for this fine sunny Sunday. I normally don't like to wear any shade of brown black or gray together. They just seem to be total opposites or something like that. Not sure how to describe it correctly. I'll I'm saying is, when I wear brown, I never wear anything black at the same time. And vice versa. But today I wore a tan shirt with a black belt and gray cardigan. Maybe I'm just silly {or paranoid} for having that "no black and brown together" rule, because I've seen the two colors pulled together beautifully on other people. So today I decided to rebel against my own rule. What do you think?

This is my husband's aunt's dog, Flynn. He's so cute and hyper! I rarely get to be around any animals these days, so I love when his aunts bring their dogs over to his grandparent's on Sundays. We go to his Nanny and Grampy's house every Sunday for lunch after church. Their backyard is gorgeous and so relaxing! I don't know how many times I said, "I love the grass!!" It's been a long time since I've stood in lush soft grass in a beautiful yard. I can't wait to someday have our own backyard.... 

Crochet and Felt Hair Accessories

Saturday, July 16, 2011

This past week I have been in this mad mood to make stuff. Do you ever just want to craft and make something, anything, but you feel stumped?? .. Does this even make sense? I get that way sometimes-- feeling stumped, not not making sense! I've been craving felt crafts, so I tried out a few little things. 

Little hairbows. The three bottom ones are my favorite style that I tried. To make those, I cut little rectangle felt pieces, then another little thin strip for the middle piece, and just hot glue the little piece around after squishing the middle of the rectangle together. (The top two bows are totally different and didn't really turn out so well!) 
I'd like to use the bottom ones for cute hair accessories. Like attaching them to skinny headbands or bobby pins. 

I think the simplicity of these little bows make them just so cute! 

I also made some little felt flowers pins too. 

To make these, I cut little imperfect circles out of the felt. Then to get the slight curled edges of the petals I held each petal over the heat of the flame (not too close!). This part is really cool! The photo below shows me holding the whole flower, but that was just to take the picture :) I did the petals individually AND I used my tweezers to hold the petal while melting the edges. After the edges are done, I took some white sewing thread and sewed the petals together in the middle and then sewed on a pearl bead.

They make for simple and dainty hair accessories too :) 
I cut a little circle of felt and cut a TINY little hole in it to slip the bobby pin through and then hot glued it down to the back of the clip.

I also worked on some new crochet flowers too!! 
I found a new pattern that I LOVE so I made a bunch up. 

 I recently  bought a pack of 100 fabric covered button blanks on etsy, so I made up some buttons to go with the flowers. I found a few fabric fat quarters the other day at the fabric store. I love going through the piles of fat quarters they have! I found the pink with white polka dots fabric there- I love how it looks with the white flower! These flowers are quite larger than the other little hair clips I make. About 4 inches in diameter.

I used a piece of felt for the back, by cutting a little slice in it for the top of the alligator clip to go through, then glued it down. I had to place the clip where it's at because of the type of crochet flower this is. Putting in the middle would show the clip through the petal holes, and it would also be a little too deep for the clip. If anyone has any better ideas for the placement of the clips, please share!

These big flowers could also clip onto purses, scarves or even used as brooch pins on shirts.

 So this was my fun for the week! 
{I also started on my headboard makeover this week, but another post specifically for that when it's finished!}

I added the large crochet flower clips to my etsy shop, along with a couple pairs of little crochet clips too!