Crochet and Felt Hair Accessories

Saturday, July 16, 2011

This past week I have been in this mad mood to make stuff. Do you ever just want to craft and make something, anything, but you feel stumped?? .. Does this even make sense? I get that way sometimes-- feeling stumped, not not making sense! I've been craving felt crafts, so I tried out a few little things. 

Little hairbows. The three bottom ones are my favorite style that I tried. To make those, I cut little rectangle felt pieces, then another little thin strip for the middle piece, and just hot glue the little piece around after squishing the middle of the rectangle together. (The top two bows are totally different and didn't really turn out so well!) 
I'd like to use the bottom ones for cute hair accessories. Like attaching them to skinny headbands or bobby pins. 

I think the simplicity of these little bows make them just so cute! 

I also made some little felt flowers pins too. 

To make these, I cut little imperfect circles out of the felt. Then to get the slight curled edges of the petals I held each petal over the heat of the flame (not too close!). This part is really cool! The photo below shows me holding the whole flower, but that was just to take the picture :) I did the petals individually AND I used my tweezers to hold the petal while melting the edges. After the edges are done, I took some white sewing thread and sewed the petals together in the middle and then sewed on a pearl bead.

They make for simple and dainty hair accessories too :) 
I cut a little circle of felt and cut a TINY little hole in it to slip the bobby pin through and then hot glued it down to the back of the clip.

I also worked on some new crochet flowers too!! 
I found a new pattern that I LOVE so I made a bunch up. 

 I recently  bought a pack of 100 fabric covered button blanks on etsy, so I made up some buttons to go with the flowers. I found a few fabric fat quarters the other day at the fabric store. I love going through the piles of fat quarters they have! I found the pink with white polka dots fabric there- I love how it looks with the white flower! These flowers are quite larger than the other little hair clips I make. About 4 inches in diameter.

I used a piece of felt for the back, by cutting a little slice in it for the top of the alligator clip to go through, then glued it down. I had to place the clip where it's at because of the type of crochet flower this is. Putting in the middle would show the clip through the petal holes, and it would also be a little too deep for the clip. If anyone has any better ideas for the placement of the clips, please share!

These big flowers could also clip onto purses, scarves or even used as brooch pins on shirts.

 So this was my fun for the week! 
{I also started on my headboard makeover this week, but another post specifically for that when it's finished!}

I added the large crochet flower clips to my etsy shop, along with a couple pairs of little crochet clips too!

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katie [the bright life] said...

These are super cute, love the felt flowers!! Xo, Katie