Three Years

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Three years ago ... 

October 24, 2009

And I thought I loved him THEN! 

He was my first everything... 

First LOVE

First {and only} BOYFRIEND

First KISS
 {saved it for my wedding day}

First ...  ;)
{totally worth waiting till it's in the context of God's design!
So happy that we have no regrets to think back on!! 
Doing things the way God planned is so great!}

Our marriage is not perfect, nor do we hope or expect it to be, but we are totally perfect for each other.  

Imperfectly Perfect! 

Things get better every day, even through the rough spots. The hard parts make us realize we can't do this marriage thing on our own, just the two of us. We need God too! 

Psalm 127:1 
"Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it.." 
{that was the verse my pastor spoke to us about during our wedding ceremony} 


I could not imagine my life without this guy!

True love is sweeter than strawberry milkshakes! 

I love you, Babe!

Mason Jar Stamped Gift Tags

Friday, October 12, 2012

Eeek! I've always wanted a mason jar stamp and finally I found one at Michael's on sale! ... and I think it was the only one left! YEAH! I've been making gift tags with them! They're so CUTE! 

P.S.. I posted them on my Facebook page first, before adding them to my shop! So if you see a set you like hurry over and leave me your paypal email address!!

Those Gorgeous Fall Leaves

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

These beautiful trees are behind our apartment and my eyes cannot get enough of their pretty fall colors! The trees here in the Fall are absolutely GORGEOUS! Lots of maple trees! I want to play in the fallen leaves all day long, .. but unfortunately all my neighbors would think I'm nuts!

I totally love my outfit here, by the way! : ) I really really LOVE mustard yellow of course, and I think it looks pretty good with the black and white striped shirt underneath. Nothin' like feeling cute and stylish on a pretty Fall afternoon. 

Have a mentioned that Autumn makes me feel all romantic-y and dreamy???

Fall Specimen Art

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The other day I came across this pumpkin specimen art from My Blessed Nest and thought it was so super cute! I wanted to make my own, but I don't have a pumpkin punch. But I just purchased a large heart punch on Ebay, so when it came in the mail the other day I had my first project for it all figured out!

Months ago a neighbor gave me a huuuge stack of magazines when she moved, and I've had that stack just sitting around under one of our side tables. 

Because I didn't have any cute scrapbook paper, I flipped through the magazines looking for designs and images I could punch out. There's TONS of pretty designs and images you could use from magazines! So before you throw them out make sure you get all the prettiness punched out of them!

I bought my cheapo frame from the dollar store and hot glued some burlap material to the back of the frame, glued my tiles on, then picked out 12 hearts I wanted to use and lightly glued them down. I didn't use the glass piece at all. I'll just throw it away.. or something. With a crafter nothing is trash, right? :) 

I couldn't be more pleased! 

So cute! 

And I decorated my piano last night all Fall-ish. I don't have a mantel to decorate, so I use my piano! But I'll share that later on. I'm still finishing up on it.