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Hi! Welcome to my little blog!
My name's Jessica and I  LOVE getting my hands into anything craft related, home décor, and other fun frugal-ness. I absolutely love THRIFT SHOPPING and yard sales! Another thing I really enjoy is photography. I don't take photos nearly as much as I would like to, nor do I have those huge fancy shmancy cameras either, but photos and photo editing are just another thing I like to play with in my free time. 

I started this blog for fun to let people in on little bits of my life, emphasizing on the creative side! .. And for something to keep me busy and thinking. I was married October 24,2009, and moved from my home and family in California to New Brunswick Canada, where my husband is from. And because everyone usually asks me "How in the world did you get all the way out here from California?!" I will mention that my Hubby and I met during grad school in Wisconsin. We both worked in the kitchen. He was the fryer boy and I was the baker girl. We fell in love.. Beautiful, right? I know. Well, once in Canada we began the millions of paperwork for immigration and the long waiting for acceptance. So for about a year I wasn't able to work... which left me many free hours all day in my little apartment, starring at naked white walls. So I decided to take advantage of the time I had and be more creative and have a little more fun with making our first apartment feel like home. For awhile I felt discouraged, thinking it's impossible to make our apartment a comfy cute place because of the lack of money, but I quickly realized that's not true. With a little of my own creativity, ideas from amazingly creative people online, and of course some occasional thrift shopping, I knew I could make our apartment a homey and pretty place to be. .. After all, it's not really about what's inside our home that truly matters anyway. BUT it sure adds to the F-U-N!
Thanks for stopping by!
{Me and my handsome Canadian} 

xo xo, 



Jennifer Woods said...

So cute! It is so refreshing to see a young lady who loves Jesus! I love your projects too. Keep it up.

Sailing with bare feet said...

I love you sis !

Richelle Mendoza said...

Love your blog Jessica! You're very creative and talented! I have a list of things that I want to learn to do.. some of them are the things you have blogged about. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

JillanaF said...

Love your blog- I am going to try to have one of my own! Thank u for the inspiration! :)

Marion said...

Dear Jessica,
I'm writing to request permission to include your penny blog (2010) in my forthcoming book for Liguori Publications tentatively titled "Penny Prayers: Trusting God in Hard Times." The book's purpose is to foster in readers a deeper trust in God. Your blog would need to be condensed for the book, but I would want you to review and approve the text before it's sent to the publisher. I would also like to include your blog in your story.
Thank you kindly for your consideration.
Marion Amberg
P.O. Box 9459
Santa Fe, NM 87504
Cell: 505-690-9374