Infinity Scarves In Shop!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Yay! This week I've added some of my brand new shop items-- infinity scarves!!

Super excited, cause I just LOVE these scarves! 
I often forget to take them off when I come back inside, they are just that comfy!
These are so fun to make too, and I want to make them in all kinds of colors! I'm seriously about to get dangerously addicted to buying every pretty colored yarn I fall in love with! I told Hubs he's gonna have to build me shelves on the wall in my craft area to hold all my yarn! :) 

Anyway, come check out my scarves in the shop
I'll have to suffice as my own model for now.. which I think wearing them for photos seems to be more appealing than hanging on a hanger.. what do you think?

Valentine Favorites on Pinterest

Friday, January 27, 2012

I've been finding some fun Valentine's Day stuff on Pinterest this week, and thought I'd share a few of my favorites with you! 
{Click photos for the source} 

Not much into the whole crafting bit, but still want something cute on your shelf or mantel? Wrap a paper doily and heart cut out around a jar and tie with some decorative twine or string- simple! I thought about doing this and putting little candles inside! 

How cute is this dress with a heart shaped cut out?! 
Wear anything underneath to show up a pretty colored or designed heart!
Perfect attire for the big special day!

 Or how about a love letter t-shirt? 
Grab a bleach pen and t-shirt and write down a sweet little note on the shirt! 
{Be sure to check out this tutorial to see some further important instructions}

If there's one thing I know my husband loves, it's BACON! I think these strips of bacon folded into hearts would really speak volumes to him for breakfast on Valentine's Day! :)

I think strands of lights hanging or dangling over something is just so cozy and romantic. 
Hang strands of white Christmas lights and pop on some white paper doily hearts for a cozy, romantic valentine feeling! {I really want to do this RIGHT NOW, but I don't have white christmas lights on the white cords.. just the ugly stand-out green cords..}

Make a set of these paper heart bookmarks and gift them to a friend, maybe along with some stationary or set of cards. Super cute and looks pretty easy too!

Okay now, I just fell in love with these two gorgeous wreaths!
They are my favorite Valentine finds so far! I want to make both of them!

If I had burlap material I would have made this one already!

I just loooooove Valentine stuff! :) 

Hope you enjoyed those fun finds.
{See the rest of my pinned Valentine ideas here}

What are some of YOUR favorite Valentine ideas you've bumped into recently?
Do share with us! Leave a link in the comments! :)

Until next time.. 

happy pinning! 

Felt Heart Bookmarks

Awe, I just LOOOOVE all things Valentine's Day.. I always have, even if I wasn't dating or "in loooove." It's just such a fun and sweet time. So I've been looking at Pinterest for Valentine stuff and I came across these Aaaadorable stitched felt heart bookmarks! 
{those cutie cards can also be found at that link where you can print your own!}

. . . And I decided to make some too! Cause they're just so stinkin' cute! 
And I had a brand new box of jumbo paper clips already!

So I cut out a bunch of felt hearts. Two felt hearts for each bookmark.

Made running stitches around each felt heart that would be used as the top heart on the bookmark {not every single heart}

Then plugged in my glue gun! 

A dab of hot glue on top of the bottom heart for the paper clip to stick, then some more dabs of glue on the same heart, then on goes the top heart. Pressing ever so lightly so the glue doesn't squish out and so you don't get the paper clip lines showing through. 

Aren't they super super cute! :) 

They'd make sweet little Valentine gifts along with a card or even a book! 

Awe, so cute huh?! I just love felt crafts.

Until next time... 

happy valentine creativities!

Master Bedroom: Nightstands Makeover

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Since our master bedroom is coming along now the way I want I thought I would get started on blogging about it. Here's the project on our night stands I've been meaning to post. About a year and a half ago we bought these two used matching shelf-ish looking things that I thought would make cute nightstands.

I planned on painting them match whatever I wanted our room colors to be {which are black, white, mustard yellow, and gray}. I finally got around to giving them a paint job during this past summer.. Took them to my Hub's parents' backyard and busted out the spray paint. First I used a white spray primer which was a pain in the buns.. goodness. But the shelves were that smooth particle board stuff.. {not sure the exact name for it}, so the primer made the paint stick.

The color I used was Krylon's Bauhaus Gold

Then after seeing this post I was inspired to add some decorative wooden trim to the flat boring edges of my nightstands to give them a prettier textured look and more personality. I went to the hardware store and had them cut all my pieces to size there. This trim was actually expensive! Apparently I saw the wrong price tag on the shelf and thought it was $7 for each looong thing of trim, but it was NOT that cheap.. that's all I'll say. I felt pretty defeated after purchasing those. Oh well, took them home and spray painted them {yes, I painted the night stands before gluing on the trim.. I'm a nerd I know, but that's just how I roll cause I'm impatient to wait till I have everything at once!}

I used wood glue to fix on the trim. Not sure how long that will last.. I may have to fix them again another day when they pop off! Then I cleaned up all the little crevices with a tooth pick.. Such an annoying and time consuming little task! haha!

I kept the trim tight and flat on the nightstands with heavy books.

and here they are finished!

I think they yellow is a bit brighter than I want. 
I was thinking about doing some glazing on them.. like this. Just so the trim would show up more.. cause that's really the only place glazing would work I guess.. where there's detail in the wood. 

And the headboard {that's taken me forever and ever!} is actually coming along! I finished the last little paint touches on it last week and Hubs and I made our stands for it. We had already bought all the wood supplies to create the stand months ago! And I have my new white fluffy duvet I'm waiting to replace our blankets with! I'm still not completely sure if the BRIGHT yellow nightstands are the look I'm wanting with all how the room is going to turn out. I might be wanting a more softer gray and yellow look... I don't want it too bold and bright. Who knows. We will see and change up things where and when necessary.

Cut Myself Bangs..

Sunday, January 22, 2012

 Yep, tried the bangs thing again.. Not sure why I get in those moods and actually chop them. I usually regret it later... hopefully I can learn to work with them and not get fed up and just bobby pin them back all the time! 

Here's a photo before any hair destruction...

And here's the new... 

It'll just take some getting used to.. :)

"Rain Shower" Baby Shower

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I threw my first baby shower ever a few weeks ago! My little sister is having a baby girl and my sister is one of my dearest and best friends. I wanted to make this shower so special for her to remember. I pretty much started planning for this 3 to 4 months before going out to California for Christmas. I wanted everything to be planned out and all the decorations to be ready so we wouldn't have to do so much running around and shopping, taking away our visiting time since we only had 2 weeks of vacation with my family. Alot of the things for the shower were made and put together by me, giving it a super sweet and personal touch.. I like to think so anyway!
{MONTHS ago I was inspired by this baby shower and fell in love with the idea!}

So without further ado, here are photos of the shower. 
WARNING: this may be a looong post with lots of photos! :)

First things first, here are the invitations I designed on my computer and printed at home.
I thought they were just PERFECT!

The dessert table was probably the most exciting part to put together!

You can hardly see the tissue paper clouds I made with paper raindrops hanging down. To make the raindrops I just cut heart shapes and folded them in half.
All the tissue paper came from the dollar store, along with any cardstock I used too!

See the cute mini pom pom garland along the table? Found little bags of mini pom poms at the dollar store and strung them on thread and hot glued the garland right to the plastic tablecloth!

French Vanilla cupcakes with pretty blue frosting YUM. The edible pearl candies give the cupcakes such a girly touch. For the cupcake toppers I bought the paper cloud cut outs from Etsy for like $3 and taped toothpicks to the backs.

Aren't these raindrop sugar cookies the darling-est things!? I made my own cookie cutter to get the raindrop shape! (cardboard, hot glue and aluminum foil). The cookies were a HIT! {everyone keeps asking for the recipe!}

Chocolate and Spice cake balls. YUM YUM YUM my favorite! 
{I seriously spent a whole 2 days baking and making the desserts! Mom helped me too}

With dollar store glass plates and thrifted milk glass vases, I made the two cake stands. 
SO SIMPLE! {hot glue!} The two vases aren't matching, which is super cute. 

Mom put together a super yummy nut, mint, and chocolate raisins mix.
I pretty much munched on it the whole time!

Chocolate covered pretzel sticks that I dipped myself. SO GOOD!
And they are just so pretty! 
The oversized wine glasses came from the dollar store. There are two different kinds of wine glasses to vary the look a tiny bit.. which was probably not even noticeable.

The baby's name is Kyra (sounds like Kierra or Keera)
I cut out large letters from cardboard spelling out her name and wrapped them with two colors of blue yarn. Super cute, ya?!

Blue and white napkins from the dollar store, hand stamped with my umbrella stamp from Michael's dollar bins. White ink on the blue, and blue ink on the white ones! I pretty much adored this little detail!

"Baby Girl" wooden letters came from AC Moore for $.49 cents a piece.
Mom painted them pink and it added just enough pink on the table! 

 These silver frames used for dessert labels were from Michael's dollar bins as well.

The pretty blue table runner came from a thrift store near my parents house. My mom and I were out one day together checking out some thrift stores for fun and I randomly found a big bundle of this fabric for $2! It was the PERFECT color! So I cut two strips from the fabric and mom sewed the ends together to make this shabby little runner.. no hemming or perfect finishing! You couldn't even tell. The table just wouldn't have been the same without that blue fabric! There was enough to use on the drink table too!

My mom had these BEAUTIFUL glass drink dispensers that we filled with lemonade and lemon slices (I hadn't put the lemon slices in yet so you can't see them!). I also made ice cubes from the lemonade so it wouldn't get watered down.

Probably the most expensive part of this shower was purchasing all the glass baby bottles. But they are the sweetest thing! Everyone just loved it. And the pretty paper straws came from Etsy!

Here's the mommy-to-be sipping from her pretty baby bottle!
Isn't she just the most adorable pregnant lady?!

The "Guest Book" was so super cute! I've seen wedding guest book ideas where people leave their thumb print to form a tree, and so I thought it would be perfect to use that same idea with a rainshower theme! The umbrella shape was just cut from cardstock and I drew the handle with a marker.

I searched for a blue or white umbrella EVERYWHERE, and couldn't find one. Finally a couple days before the shower I was standing in line to buy some things at the 99 cent store and after I bought my stuff and was about to walk away I noticed these light blue umbrellas sitting on the counter right next to me! It was the craziest thing ever I tell you!

As each guest arrived, I gave them a tiny felted diaper broach pin that I made.
This was for the Dirty Diaper game. I had a tiny piece of chocolate inside one of them. 

 We played the baby photo guessing game.
I had guest who brought their baby photos hang them up on a string of twine with numbered mini clothespins.

And I made these cute cards for writing down the answers.
I printed the game title and numbers on cardstock, used my corner punch, and used my umbrella stamp and heart punch to embellish.

We played "guess the mommy's tummy size" with yarn

And the game "Left, Right" where you  read a story and every time your hear "right" or "left" you pass around a wrapped gift in that direction- super fun and funny too!

We also played a game called "My Water Broke!"

You freeze little plastic babies in ice cubes {which looked totally creepy by the way!} and give one to each guest in a little cup, and whoever's ice cube is completely melted {you can blow on the cube or keep your hands around the cup to warm it} and yells "my water broke" first is the winner... One of my sister's best friends who is also pregnant and due to pop any day was the winner! So when we heard her shout out "MY WATER BROKE!" .. we were a little concerned!

I set up a photo booth in a cozy little cubby hole in the kitchen
{a fridge is supposed to go there but my parents' fridge is too big}

The "Photo Booth" sign is a dollar store plastic tray that I painted with chalk board paint.

Found those little yellow rain boots at the thrift store for $1.99. So adorable!
I made the mustache, lips and heart photo props.
I found wooden heart shapes at Michael's and painted them with chalkboard paint. I love chalkboard paint. The picture frame was thrifted and we spray painted it yellow.

I just loved how the photo booth turned out.
And it was actually more of a hit than I expected it to be!

Two pregnant mommy bellies SO CUTE!

SO MUCH FUN! My favorite props were the mustaches and frame.

Here are some sweet shots of mommy and daddy-to be before the party

I love that darling little baby belly!

My sister love and me having some fun
{yes, I know.. I can't spell}

Take home favors were little baggies of lemon drops.
I bought the little ziplock baggies from the dollar store, made the labels from leftover blue cardstock paper, printed outlines of cloud shapes and cut them out, stamped with a "thank you" stamp. Then I just attached the labels to the baggies with double sided tape.

Such a super fun day!
I really enjoyed putting this shower together for my sister.
She received so many beautiful gifts for her baby girl!

I just love her!

..... Hubby and I had to get a cute shot in the booth too! ;)

Love Love

Hope you enjoyed the shower!! ;)