Master Bedroom: Nightstands Makeover

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Since our master bedroom is coming along now the way I want I thought I would get started on blogging about it. Here's the project on our night stands I've been meaning to post. About a year and a half ago we bought these two used matching shelf-ish looking things that I thought would make cute nightstands.

I planned on painting them match whatever I wanted our room colors to be {which are black, white, mustard yellow, and gray}. I finally got around to giving them a paint job during this past summer.. Took them to my Hub's parents' backyard and busted out the spray paint. First I used a white spray primer which was a pain in the buns.. goodness. But the shelves were that smooth particle board stuff.. {not sure the exact name for it}, so the primer made the paint stick.

The color I used was Krylon's Bauhaus Gold

Then after seeing this post I was inspired to add some decorative wooden trim to the flat boring edges of my nightstands to give them a prettier textured look and more personality. I went to the hardware store and had them cut all my pieces to size there. This trim was actually expensive! Apparently I saw the wrong price tag on the shelf and thought it was $7 for each looong thing of trim, but it was NOT that cheap.. that's all I'll say. I felt pretty defeated after purchasing those. Oh well, took them home and spray painted them {yes, I painted the night stands before gluing on the trim.. I'm a nerd I know, but that's just how I roll cause I'm impatient to wait till I have everything at once!}

I used wood glue to fix on the trim. Not sure how long that will last.. I may have to fix them again another day when they pop off! Then I cleaned up all the little crevices with a tooth pick.. Such an annoying and time consuming little task! haha!

I kept the trim tight and flat on the nightstands with heavy books.

and here they are finished!

I think they yellow is a bit brighter than I want. 
I was thinking about doing some glazing on them.. like this. Just so the trim would show up more.. cause that's really the only place glazing would work I guess.. where there's detail in the wood. 

And the headboard {that's taken me forever and ever!} is actually coming along! I finished the last little paint touches on it last week and Hubs and I made our stands for it. We had already bought all the wood supplies to create the stand months ago! And I have my new white fluffy duvet I'm waiting to replace our blankets with! I'm still not completely sure if the BRIGHT yellow nightstands are the look I'm wanting with all how the room is going to turn out. I might be wanting a more softer gray and yellow look... I don't want it too bold and bright. Who knows. We will see and change up things where and when necessary.


Sailing with bare feet said...

They turned out really good! Wish I was that crafty!

Anonymous said...

I like them as is! They look great and the trim is perfect...give the color a chance to grow on you. What you put on the shelves will just pop! THUMB'S UP!

Carol Smith said...

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