Just Too Cute

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Well, aren't these just adorable!

Snowman bread tag clips for snack bags or whatever else! 

Fantastic Christmas ideas!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

AAH! There are just SO many awesome, sweet, cute, adorable, creative, amazing Christmas ideas out there being shared around! Wish I could do every single idea I've fallen in love with! But alas, I cannot. So I will keep most of those great ideas stored away for other years. 

Here are just some of those ideas

Ornament Holder
Such a beautiful display! 

Snowman Hand Sanitizer

Melting Snowman Cookies

After seeing this idea, I made some too!

They're just too cute that we haven't eaten them yet!

Christmas Pizzas
I just have to squeeze time in to make these! 
Just HAVE to!

Hand Print Snowman Ornaments
What a sweet little idea!

Easy Christmas Card Hanger
Already made my own Christmas card holder, but this one's really cute too!

Christmas Recipe Cards Freebie
Would LOVE to print some of these off!!

Sweater Snowman
Hmm, do I really not have any raggey old sweaters I could live without?? ;)

Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Reindeer
Betty Crocker Wannabe

Love 'em! 

Hope you enjoyed those as much as I did!!

Christmas is almost here! .. but don't let that stop you from
continuing on with your fun ideas!!

Happy Christmas Creativities! 

I'm going Christmas tree crazy..

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

.. even if it doesn't show on the outside! I'm just loving all the simple shaped Christmas trees lately. I love cutting triangles from paper and turning them into simple Christmas trees for cards, ornaments, or wall hangings. It's just so simple and cute! 
Well, I'm also seeing the cone shaped trees everywhere, .. and guess what? I love them too! So I made some of my own- of course!! 

I made 3 of them- the other one is at the other end of the entertainment center

I just took plain ole blank white printing paper and rolled them into cones and glued them shut. Trust me, you don't even want me to explain it.. but there are lots of tutorials online. I don't think I really followed them exactly, .. maybe just a little. When I rolled them into the cones, there was lots at the bottom that needed to be cut off so the cone would sit level. Then out came my buddy the hot glue gun and he helped me glue on cream-ish colored yarn all around the cones. (I saw the yarn idea on another blog, but don't even know where!.. Whoever you are, I hope you're flattered you inspired me with your yarn!) 
And they wer'e done! .. oh, I left out a step- a very necessary one, one that you just cannot leave out! Next I set my Christmas tree cones where I wanted them, and clapped my hands with excitement and giggled like a little girl! Now they are d-o-n-e!

The pictures don't exactly do my little trees justice, 
so.. come over for a visit! (haha)

Happy Christmas creativities!!

kiss me! kiss me!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Where I grew up, kids would stand outside of stores and sell little bunches of mistletoe, tied with ribbons, for a couple dollars. Here in New Brunswick I guess they don't have mistletoe trees, because I haven't seen ANY real mistletoe around! So I've really been wanting to make my own mistletoe from felt. And tonight I did! After randomly coming across Kacey's felt mistletoe I was motivated to get up off my fanny and finally make one! 

**Kacey made her own template and it's on her blog 
post for free printing!**
I used it! 

And here's my lovely little Christmas mistletoe!

Isn't it just darling?! I absolutely love it!
can't wait to put it to use! 

 I hung it up by hot gluing a looped piece of ribbon to the felt, and using little double sided foam stickers- stuck it right onto the garland! 
(I want red ribbon, so that's why I didn't hot glue the ribbon to the felt)

If you want to make your own just head over to Kacey's blog 
Stay at Home Artist and check out her tutorial. 
I'm sure she'd love the visits! 

Thanks Kacey!!

Now.... where's my husband! 
I wanna "show" him my mistletoe {wink}

Hot Chocolate at my place!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Do you ever feel like you copy everyone else's great ideas? Cause I do! 
I saw this totally cute idea for a hot chocolate station set up in the house from The Painted Home and just knew I HAD to do it too!
(she was inspired too!)

Here's my version of a hot chocolate station

Love my cute little stockings and mittens banner! Just cut the shapes from cardstock and scrapbook paper and hot glued them to twine and secured the twine with little double sided foam stickers.

{the banner kept wanting to fall off on one side..
which stinks, because it's right over the sink!}

solution: lots of foam stickers!!

So cute and so fun!

Clothespin Wreath Card Holder

Monday, December 6, 2010

Last year I tacked strands of ribbon to the wall and taped our Christmas cards to the ribbons... 
This year I thought I'd make something cuter for displaying our cards! 

For the wreath, I traced a big bowl onto the cardboard from a frozen pizza box and traced another smaller bowl for the inside circle. (I did two layers of the card board-- hot gluing them together-- because one was too thin and flimsy). Then I just painted the card board light blue with acrylic paint.

I sloppily painted all my clothespins white and added black dots with a permanent marker. 

 Then hot glued them all down to the card board.

To hang it, I tied some pretty white ribbon around it and hot glued random black buttons to the ribbon for some added cuteness.. which matches the clothespins too! 

I love it!! 
I was thinking I could also use it for birthday cards too, since it's not too Christmas-y looking. 
But for now, just Christmas cards.. 
And look!..

Christmas cards already! 

... now I need to work on getting our Christmas cards sent out.. 

happy holiday creativities!!

Popsicle Stick snow flakes

Okay, these were all made up and ready about a month ago! 
(ok, so I did some touch up painting a couple weeks before I put them up..)
I couldn't wait to have them on my walls for Christmas time.

All you need is: 

A bunch of popsicle sticks {I had people save me their popsicle sticks!}
Hot glue gun
Paint {I used acrylic craft paint}

I added little red jewels to all the tips to give a little sparkle here and there.

 This project can take awhile, and be careful with that glue gun! I burned myself SO many times!! .. not to mention dripping hot glue on the carpet.. sshh, don't tell my landlord!! I just asked her if my husband and I could have a kitty in our apartment and she said no, .. don't want her to take my glue gun away!

I tied clear fishing line to the snowflakes and hung them from a tack right behind the snowflakes. 
{I just read the Crafty Nest tutorial again and I like how she hung hers better. She tied ribbons to them and used double stick foam tape to secure the ribbon to the wall.. how pretty, and less holey!) I might change mine to hang from pretty ribbon instead.. maybe not. 

They're pretty "cool", huh?

I like them! ... and I'll be a little sad to take them down after Christmas.. but hey, it snows here till march, so maybe it wouldn't be so bad to leave them all winter!

Words of Thanks jar

Thursday, December 2, 2010

 Here's a late Thanksgiving-ish type of idea I found.. and then stole it! 
{I just don't remember where I found it from!}

But the couple took a large glass jar and throughout the year would fill it up with sweet little "thankful" notes to each other (ei. "I'm thankful that you are a godly leader", or "thank you for ...") and then every Thanksgiving they will open up the jar and read through their notes to each other! 

How sweet is this?! I loved, so I decided we would do it too!
(thanks for the idea, whoever you are!)

I'll probably make my jar cuter later.. but for now, 
here it is

Just a plain old pasta sauce jar (for now until we need a bigger one!), with a pretty little "wordy" ribbon tied around the opening of the jar. I'll add a little hanging tag or something that says 
"Words of Thanks"

I've had a little bag of Scrabble letters that were just waiting to be used, so I thought it would be adorable and quite fitting to put them in there at the bottom!
As you can see, we've each already written a note of thanks to each other already!

I think this is such a sweet idea, and fun too! 

I'm thankful for my sweet handsome husband!

Wrapping Paper Christmas Trees!

O Christmas trees,  
O Christmas trees... 

 How lovely you are on my wall!

Somewhere I saw a cute cut out of a tree from scrap paper, and I got an idea to do this! 
I just cut out triangle shapes from Christmas wrapping paper and some brown scrap paper for trunks and glued them right onto the glass of the frames! I used hot glue to secure the glass down to the frames. (throwing out the backings). And glued some twin to the top to hang on the wall with a thumb tack.

I just LOVE them!

Everything was already on hand! 

 Very simple,

Very cheap,

and Very cute!

until next time.. 

happy holiday creativities!

More owls for my Christmas tree!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Boy did I get excited about these little owls. I was hoping to make up a bunch of them and give them away, sell them, .. make other projects with them! For now I just made enough to go on our Christmas tree and also send some to my mom and sister for their trees. 

I bought a TON of felt from Michael's craft store and had a blast picking colors for each owl. You could really put any colors together and they would look darling! 

With some cheery Christmas tunes playing, Hubby and I decorated our Christmas tree together Saturday night. And then added the little cuties to the tree! 

Here they all are! .. kind of hard to spot?

I think our tree needs some ribbon...

I am taking a break from these owls for awhile!