More owls for my Christmas tree!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Boy did I get excited about these little owls. I was hoping to make up a bunch of them and give them away, sell them, .. make other projects with them! For now I just made enough to go on our Christmas tree and also send some to my mom and sister for their trees. 

I bought a TON of felt from Michael's craft store and had a blast picking colors for each owl. You could really put any colors together and they would look darling! 

With some cheery Christmas tunes playing, Hubby and I decorated our Christmas tree together Saturday night. And then added the little cuties to the tree! 

Here they all are! .. kind of hard to spot?

I think our tree needs some ribbon...

I am taking a break from these owls for awhile!


Sarah at Finishing Touch Interiors said...

wow love the owls they are so cute, I love your blog page Jessica

Amber Branconier said...

oh my goodness! your owl necklace was the first time visiting your blog but now i am your newest follower. i love these owls!!