The Prayer Pennies

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Nobody cares for pennies anymore, so they're just carelessly tossed on the ground in stores, on the streets, or anywhere! If I ever saw a rejected penny on the ground it didn't phase me, because I didn't care either. "It's just a dumb ole penny." But my thinking soon changed {giggle, was that a pun?} when I came up with an idea...

Back when I was in college {okay, so it wasn't THAT long ago really} I decided that I would make use of every abandoned penny I found. How? Each time I would find a lost penny on the ground I would pick up that penny and pray for my future husband, whomever he would be.. sigh.. now I'm thinking back to my daydreaming days when I claimed my life song as "Some day my prince will come..." Okay, snapping back to the present!
With this new perspective, I began to really enjoy the moments I spotted these little treasures on the ground. I would find them in parking lots, inside stores, and mostly when my friends and I went out door knocking on Saturday afternoons. I remember one day finding 4 or 5 pennies all between just a couple houses!
It was exciting to use this as a way to send prayers to my future spouse. And it made me fall in love with this future mystery person!  

 I loved finding these pennies. I prayed for my future love in so many ways..

that he would be growing closer to the Lord every day... 
he would keep himself pure in mind and body.. 
strength and encouragement through mistakes and scars...
that he would just have a good day... 
 he would love the Lord with all his heart.. 

And in my little jar the pennies would go. It was so much fun to see my penny collection grow.

 I loved praying for my future husband.

My little "jar of prayers" came with me to Wisconsin for grad school, where I continued to pray for my future man as I would find those pennies. Although it seemed pennies were so hard to find there. .. {maybe because my best friend started beating me to all the pennies! Literally knocking me out of the way to grab a penny on the ground! She stole my pennies.. my precious pennies. Okay so I'm seriously being funny, just in case my best friend reads this. Not saying it didn't happen though! But we laugh about it still!}

... Little did I know that the man I would marry was also there at grad school. 
I still keep my little jar of pennies close and I still pray for my hubby when I find a lost rejected penny. They are still my little treasures, and I will always think of my husband when I find one.

What is something special that you have come up with or have used over the years in this kind of way? I'd love to hear about it.



bachmeyer said...

When i heard that you were doing this.. it made me want to do it too. But i didn't want to steal your idea. But a good one it is !! so cute !!

monica said...

i love love love this idea. such a great/encouraging word


Mary said...

I LOVE this post ... years ago when I was struggling with a dilemma I asked God to send me a sign in the form of a simple penny if the answer was yes. We went out to eat (my son was probably 4 or 5) and sat down at a table in a restaurant. There was absolutely NOTHING on that table when we sat down. Within a couple minutes of sitting down, he yelled "Hey mom, look a penny!" (no one had any idea I had prayed for a penny as a sign from God). I about fell off my chair. Everytime I find a penny now I think "pennies from heaven" but I never thought to save them in a little jar. I think I'll start doing that now ... better late than never huh?

The Urban Un-Martha said...

I can't tell you how perfect this post was for me today. I will be picking up all the pennies I see and praying for my future love. Thanks so much, it's right up my alley to get me praying for him!

Anonymous said...

I was told last year if you find a penny on the ground, someone in heaven was thinking about you. My best friend for over 55 years and another very close friend died within a few months of my other friend. When I see pennies on the ground, I am comforted that I know my friends are thinking of me. I pick them up right away. It takes away some of the feelings of loss. Now we look eagerly to find pennies on the ground. Very comforting and they are never far from our thoughts!

Anonymous said...

WOW! so creative....thanks for this inspiring idea:)
God bless~

Marion said...

Dear Jessica,
I'm writing to request permission to include your penny story in my forthcoming book titled "Penny Prayers." Due to word constraints, the story would need to be condensed. However, I would want you to review and approve the edited copy. It is, after all, your story. I'm merely the messenger!
Many kind thanks for your time and consideration.
In God We Trust!
Marion Amberg
Santa Fe, NM
Cell: (505) 690-9374

Jessica said...

Hi Marion,
I wrote you back a couple of months ago letting you know I would be delighted for you to use my "prayer pennies" blog post in your book. Did you not receive that email?.. I just tried to reply back to your comment through email, but it appears that your email is not connected to the blogging.., therefore people are not able to contact you back in hitting "reply" and your email address is not recognized and was not sending.. hoping your messages are not spam! :) If you would like to contact me you can email me at metsymade(at)gmail(dot)com. Thank you!