Popsicle Stick snow flakes

Monday, December 6, 2010

Okay, these were all made up and ready about a month ago! 
(ok, so I did some touch up painting a couple weeks before I put them up..)
I couldn't wait to have them on my walls for Christmas time.

All you need is: 

A bunch of popsicle sticks {I had people save me their popsicle sticks!}
Hot glue gun
Paint {I used acrylic craft paint}

I added little red jewels to all the tips to give a little sparkle here and there.

 This project can take awhile, and be careful with that glue gun! I burned myself SO many times!! .. not to mention dripping hot glue on the carpet.. sshh, don't tell my landlord!! I just asked her if my husband and I could have a kitty in our apartment and she said no, .. don't want her to take my glue gun away!

I tied clear fishing line to the snowflakes and hung them from a tack right behind the snowflakes. 
{I just read the Crafty Nest tutorial again and I like how she hung hers better. She tied ribbons to them and used double stick foam tape to secure the ribbon to the wall.. how pretty, and less holey!) I might change mine to hang from pretty ribbon instead.. maybe not. 

They're pretty "cool", huh?

I like them! ... and I'll be a little sad to take them down after Christmas.. but hey, it snows here till march, so maybe it wouldn't be so bad to leave them all winter!


Leah {Living Life Crafty} said...

LOVE them! Cute idea!

Sarah at Finishing Touch Interiors said...

what a clever idea, from the photos they look like artwork drawn onto the wall

Allison said...

Those looks fantastic! I just made a paint stir stick and popsicle stick snowflake. I'll be sharing it on Thursday.

C.K. said...