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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Where I grew up, kids would stand outside of stores and sell little bunches of mistletoe, tied with ribbons, for a couple dollars. Here in New Brunswick I guess they don't have mistletoe trees, because I haven't seen ANY real mistletoe around! So I've really been wanting to make my own mistletoe from felt. And tonight I did! After randomly coming across Kacey's felt mistletoe I was motivated to get up off my fanny and finally make one! 

**Kacey made her own template and it's on her blog 
post for free printing!**
I used it! 

And here's my lovely little Christmas mistletoe!

Isn't it just darling?! I absolutely love it!
can't wait to put it to use! 

 I hung it up by hot gluing a looped piece of ribbon to the felt, and using little double sided foam stickers- stuck it right onto the garland! 
(I want red ribbon, so that's why I didn't hot glue the ribbon to the felt)

If you want to make your own just head over to Kacey's blog 
Stay at Home Artist and check out her tutorial. 
I'm sure she'd love the visits! 

Thanks Kacey!!

Now.... where's my husband! 
I wanna "show" him my mistletoe {wink}


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Kacey said...

i'm so happy you stumbled upon my tutorial. yours looks awesome! :)