I'm going Christmas tree crazy..

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

.. even if it doesn't show on the outside! I'm just loving all the simple shaped Christmas trees lately. I love cutting triangles from paper and turning them into simple Christmas trees for cards, ornaments, or wall hangings. It's just so simple and cute! 
Well, I'm also seeing the cone shaped trees everywhere, .. and guess what? I love them too! So I made some of my own- of course!! 

I made 3 of them- the other one is at the other end of the entertainment center

I just took plain ole blank white printing paper and rolled them into cones and glued them shut. Trust me, you don't even want me to explain it.. but there are lots of tutorials online. I don't think I really followed them exactly, .. maybe just a little. When I rolled them into the cones, there was lots at the bottom that needed to be cut off so the cone would sit level. Then out came my buddy the hot glue gun and he helped me glue on cream-ish colored yarn all around the cones. (I saw the yarn idea on another blog, but don't even know where!.. Whoever you are, I hope you're flattered you inspired me with your yarn!) 
And they wer'e done! .. oh, I left out a step- a very necessary one, one that you just cannot leave out! Next I set my Christmas tree cones where I wanted them, and clapped my hands with excitement and giggled like a little girl! Now they are d-o-n-e!

The pictures don't exactly do my little trees justice, 
so.. come over for a visit! (haha)

Happy Christmas creativities!!

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