Words of Thanks jar

Thursday, December 2, 2010

 Here's a late Thanksgiving-ish type of idea I found.. and then stole it! 
{I just don't remember where I found it from!}

But the couple took a large glass jar and throughout the year would fill it up with sweet little "thankful" notes to each other (ei. "I'm thankful that you are a godly leader", or "thank you for ...") and then every Thanksgiving they will open up the jar and read through their notes to each other! 

How sweet is this?! I loved, so I decided we would do it too!
(thanks for the idea, whoever you are!)

I'll probably make my jar cuter later.. but for now, 
here it is

Just a plain old pasta sauce jar (for now until we need a bigger one!), with a pretty little "wordy" ribbon tied around the opening of the jar. I'll add a little hanging tag or something that says 
"Words of Thanks"

I've had a little bag of Scrabble letters that were just waiting to be used, so I thought it would be adorable and quite fitting to put them in there at the bottom!
As you can see, we've each already written a note of thanks to each other already!

I think this is such a sweet idea, and fun too! 

I'm thankful for my sweet handsome husband!

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