Clothespin Wreath Card Holder

Monday, December 6, 2010

Last year I tacked strands of ribbon to the wall and taped our Christmas cards to the ribbons... 
This year I thought I'd make something cuter for displaying our cards! 

For the wreath, I traced a big bowl onto the cardboard from a frozen pizza box and traced another smaller bowl for the inside circle. (I did two layers of the card board-- hot gluing them together-- because one was too thin and flimsy). Then I just painted the card board light blue with acrylic paint.

I sloppily painted all my clothespins white and added black dots with a permanent marker. 

 Then hot glued them all down to the card board.

To hang it, I tied some pretty white ribbon around it and hot glued random black buttons to the ribbon for some added cuteness.. which matches the clothespins too! 

I love it!! 
I was thinking I could also use it for birthday cards too, since it's not too Christmas-y looking. 
But for now, just Christmas cards.. 
And look!..

Christmas cards already! 

... now I need to work on getting our Christmas cards sent out.. 

happy holiday creativities!!


Sailing with bare feet said...

I love this !! It's super duper cute ! I want to make this !!
I need to get a hot glue gun !

Brittany said...

I must make one of these! So cute and practical!