My Recent Crochet Baby Hats

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I've been focusing my crochet on baby hats for the past little while. I'm trying to figure out how to make hats at the right sizes. If anyone has any tips on just the right increases or starting rounds for hats, and even tips on avoiding the dreadful visible connecting seams, please share!! I hate when I've made a hat then realized I don't like how it looks because of that ugly seam.. and then rip it all out to try again with hopes I might figure out a way to hide it! 

Moving on ... 
I want to share my latest baby hats with you! 

Pink owl hat
I added some little ear "hairs" on this one! Love them!

Another owl hat
On one of the blogs I follow, I saw a pretty mood color board she put together for a nursery room and the colors were navy blue and pink-- I LOVED IT! So it inspired me to try something out with those colors. 

Here's a random designed one I came up with. I wanted test out making a bigger sized hat with some yarn I never use, and it ended up being bigger than I wanted it to be. But I actually love how it turned out. I like those colors together. 

Another hat with the same style as the other one. 

A little birdie hat!! I just LOVE this one! 
I think my favorite part are the little yarns at the top of his head. So cute. 

These hats (except for the gray and burgundy one) are all in my etsy shop. 
Have you seen my etsy shop yet?? 


Krystle Watters said...

I just love the owl hats SO much!! Can't wait til we know if our baby's a boy or girl so I can get one! :)

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

these are so cute, I want a baby to put him/him in it. My boys are too big for those little hats :(