My Etsy shop is finally open!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I'm so excited to announce the opening of my Etsy shop! I set up my account sometime last month, but never listed items because of the Canada Post strike.. which lasted about all month! So finally this afternoon I spent much time adding a few things to the shop! It makes me kind of giddy to see my own items in a little etsy shop! Here are some of the things I have in my shop...

My crocheted baby headbands 
{so far I have a preemie/newborn size and will be adding more sizes later on}


Fridge magnets

and little crocheted hairclips .... 

I still have lots more things to add to the shop. I didn't realize I had so many items until I started editing photos and listing them! 

I really hope this little experience will be enjoyable. I guess I'm a little nervous about starting a shop, and wondering if my items are not going to be good enough or that something's wrong with them.. But who knows! Maybe my stuff will be liked and enjoyed! We'll see!

Come take a quick peek over at my shop
 {click photo}
I'll be adding more things over the next couple of days to get it nice and full.

Oh hey, want an outfit post? 
I know, I haven't really been keeping up with that, .. mostly because I haven't been in the moods to get all dressed up. ha! Ya ya, I remember why I started the whole "outfit posts" .. buuuuut.. it's been getting warmer out over this way, AND humid-- yuck!! And it doesn't really inspire me to get all cute. Okay so maybe that's really me just being plain ole lazy. Ya that seems to be it. But I guess I was feelin' it today.. but I think my hair was feelin' the humidity! You can't tell? Oh good : )

 Long shorts: Walmart, yellow shirt: thrifted, pull over vest: don't even remember, 
favorite belt: thrifted necklace: dollar store

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