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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Well I felt like this half of the week I did much better about dressing!
I'm still figuring out the whole photo issue.. I've found tips online for resizing, but I'm still confused. So don't judge me on my poor quality of photos :) 

Hubby had the day off! He usually works every Wednesday, so we were able to go to church together. Then after the service we headed over to a friend's from church to watch the Stanley Cup finale... I left with a sad hubby. I even got him a "Skor" candy bar in hopes that his favorite team would make all the scores. Not even one? Sorry Babe.

Thrifted jean skirt (just got it recently and was really needing a new one!), can't remember where the shirt came from (I hardly ever wear it!), earrings from Simple Serendipity, and my favorite little owl necklace from ebay.

Sometimes I'm just in the mood to wear a skirt :) And a headband always distracts from a messy hair day!
{I don't think it goes as far to distract from a messy photo though..}

Walmart skirt, thrift shirt, headband and earrings made by me, thrift necklace.

Yard Sales! Hubby and I drove around a little before he had to work and we checked out a few yard sales going on. I got a heart shaped cake pan for .25 and a little wooden close rack thingy for $2 that I'm going to turn into a necklace holder. I also got a two large glass jars and a pile of home decor magazines for free!

Thrifted shirt, shorts and faux pearls necklace, bracelet from the dollar store and chevron earrings made by me! (tutorial here).

Since I'm pretty much in love and committed to thrift stores, most of my outfits contain something thrifted (in case you hadn't noticed). I know there are some people that don't do the whole thrift stores thing (and I know some personally), but I LOVE LOVE LOVE thrifting! You can really find some great clothes, you just have to LOOK and not mind searching through racks and racks.. and maybe try not to be so snooty (did I just say that out loud?) Sometimes I do feel a little silly when people (the same people maybe) ask me where I got something .. I feel like I'm always grinning and responding "the thrift store." But oh well. It's nice to only spend $4 dollars on a close-to-brand new shirt when it was probably $20 brand new in store. I'm sold :)

Anyone else a thriftaholic like me?? What are some things you really enjoy finding at thrift stores?
Do share :) (and anything else about thrifting you'd like to share!)

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Chelley said...

You are adorable!