Fun and easy fridge magnets

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I realize I've been a little MIA with the crafting and fun things lately, so here's a little something I just recently did on the crafty side. 

Fun DIY magnets!

I picked up some clear marble/rocks at Michael's a few weeks ago, along with some E6000 {my first time using this glue!}, and some little round magnets. I traced my marble onto some scrapbook paper and then mod podged the paper right to the back of the marble. Then when that was dry I added some more mod podge over the whole back. Then when that's dry just get out the E6000 to secure the magnet to the back. 

Now you have some cute little magnet friends to adorn your fridge! 
.. I'm not too fond of the paper I used for the first set of magnets, but that's all I could find at the dollar store. I should have picked some cute paper up while I was at Michael's. The pink designs in the second set of magnets is actually cardboard from a kleenex box! I thought the design was so cute so I saved the box to use for something. Cool, huh? And for this set {the blue and pink one} I actually used the E6000 to adhere the paper to the back of the marble instead of mod podge. It worked perfect! I still used some mod podge on the whole back after that, but I doubt it's necessary. 

And for a little sneak preview news...
I've opened up my own Etsy shop!!
 I don't have anything listed yet, but I will SOON! I'll have my crocheted items and other little fun things I put my hands to! More news on this later when I add some things to the shop! :) 

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Ali Grace said...

LOVE THE MAGNETS! How adorable!!!