Hello Summer!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy first day of summer! 
The sunshine was here for a little bit this morning and afternoon so Hubby and I ate breakfast out on the balcony.. in our brand new patio chairs!!! 

I've been wanting to get a couple of these super cute chairs for a while now. Sunday afternoon we went to Home Depot, where they were $18.99, to pick them up then ended up not buying them. Hubby wasn't sure if they were comfortable or not. As we were driving home I kind of regretted not getting them. So I went back Monday (yesterday) to buy them, and the price had gone down to $14.99!! Suweeet! I was a happy little shopper. But you should have seen me trying to cram these two into my little Honda! ...Yeah It was kind of embarrassing, to say the least. But they were going in whether they fit or not!

Here's my lovely attire for the first day of summer

Pssst.. look at my pretty geraniums growing away! {and two baby sunflowers!}

Hope you had a wonderful, warm and pleasant first day of summer!

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Sailing with bare feet said...

Looks like your ready and dressed to come visit us in hot Cali !!