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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Okay, so this week I didn't do so great with my outfits. I'm kind of lazy like that sometimes. But I did take pictures of my non super comfy days :) .. they're not gonna wow ya though!


 Ya, that's one spectacular outfit, huh? 
T-shirt from walmart and cut-off jeans.. which are pretty raggedy. 
And my super cute owl necklace came in the mail this past week! 

Isn't it cute :) 


Does this outfit look familiar? Ya, I wore it last week (but with my capris).
T-shirt thrifted, black shirt from Kmart or Walmart, 
skirt from salvation army, necklace from Flamingo Toes Designs

Hubby and I went driving around the city, finding new places after church in the evening. We enjoy doing that now and we always point out yards and houses we like. I'm always blabbing about what I want in a house, porch, and yard :) Then we stopped at a park to take some pictures. 

Here's my handsome Hubby 

{heart heart}

And my new favorite photo of us 

{ya I told you I didn't do so great at the outfits this week..}
My comfy new favorite Walmart shorts, shirt is a hand-me-down from sister in-law, 
cardigan from.. a random shop in the mall, and the belt is thrifted.

This outfit is a little funky with the colors. I never know what to wear this cardigan with, but I actually like the randomness of the colors in this outfit. So I would wear this again.

I think I like the idea of posting about my outfits every day instead of doing the whole week in one post. I doubt I'll be posting outfits every day though! haha!

Until next time... 
Happy crafting, happy outfitting, happy happy happy! :)


Sailing with bare feet said...

Looking good !

Erin @ Lansdowne Life said...

I think I might have an idea about what's going on with your photos...

The actual photos you're uploading are larger than as displayed on your blog posts. Blogger is shrinking them down, which might be what's leading to the slight fuzziness.

Like the photo of you and your husband is sized at 1600 pixels x 1200 pixels, but it's displayed on the page at 400 pixels x 300 pixels.

Try re-sizing the photos before you upload them to exactly the dimensions you want them displayed at on your blog and see if that corrects the issue.

Hope that helps!