Backyard Movie Night Inspiration

Friday, July 29, 2011

 I'm dying to do a backyard movie night! .. okay, so we don't exactly have a backyard, but there's a perfect grassy spot out behind our apartments. It would be so much!! We could invite everyone from our church, and I even thought it would be really neat to invite other people we bump into or happen to talk to- yes strangers! And also post a little sign on the apartment bulletin board, inviting neighbors too. "Bring your lawn chairs" of course :) Ah! I am so inspired after looking through so many outdoor movie ideas online! So I thought I'd share some with you!

Isn't this set up just so perfect!?


Definitely gotta have some snacks if we're hosting our own little movie party!
And I love the wagon idea!


A basket of little blankets is so sweet to provide!
Ya never know, the weather might be cool in the evenings.

And for sure, you can't have a movie night without POPCORN!

So are you inspired too??
I just have to do this! I have feel like I'm letting the summer slip away from me.. 

Here are a couple sites that share tips on putting on a nice outdoor movie night

OH And don't forget the BUG SPRAY!!!! 

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Sweet Nest said...

That would be so much fun!! Do it! :P