A skirt day

Friday, July 22, 2011

Boy was today another humid day! So thankful Hubby works indoors where there's air conditioning. 
 Today was one of those days I felt like wearing a skirt. I never wear this skirt either. It's just a super simple outfit, but I love how I feel when I dress up a little more than my usual casual-ness. I'm starting to like randomly wearing skirts here and there during the week, not just for church.

Skirt probably from walmart, shirt walmart $3 clearance, earrings made by me

I'm always wanting to do something different with my hair besides throwing it up in a bun, but.. normally I'm not creative enough so the bun it usually is! Today I put it in a low pony tail kind of on the side, then did a topsy tail thing (flipping the pony tail up and out the top) then just wrapping it in a bun. Can't even tell the whole topsy thing! 

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