Fabric covered button bobby pins and a button how-to

Monday, July 25, 2011

Recently I purchased some bobby pin blanks on Etsy, so the other day I made a few cute bobby pins with my fabric covered buttons.

Aren't they the cutest little things? 

I've been wanting to make some of these for awhile. These ones I made up for myself, but I'd love to make some sets for my shop.

They're so easy and fun to make. 
All you have to do is glue the fabric covered button right to the bobby pin blank. 
{I use E6000 glue}

How to Make a Fabric Covered Button

If you've never made fabric covered buttons, you don't know what you're missing! Here's a quick how-to for making fabric covered buttons. 

1. Outer button shell and the backing (there are flat backs or pronged backs for sewing onto things. If you have pronged buttons, just pull it off with some pliers)
2. Most kits come with these two pieces- the base and the little blue topper. Not sure what to call them! (you can find the kits at Walmart, or fabric stores and probably Michael's). 
3. The backs of the kit boxes usually have a circle chart. Cut out the right size you need for your button. And then trace your circle onto your fabric. Your circle will be bigger than your button. 
4. Place your fabric centered on top of rubber base along with the top of the button. Make sure it's centered.

5. Push the button shell down inside the base. 
6. With your finger nail, tuck the fabric down inside along the button shell.
7. Place the button backing on top
8. Take the blue thing and give a good push down on the backing until you feel a little click.

Then pop out the button and there you go!
Ready for embellishing anything you want!

I LOOOOOOVE fabric covered buttons! They are so much fun!


dana @ wonder forest said...

love it! i've been wanting to try to make some fabric covered buttons for a while!
xo dana

Justina F. Lee said...

Love these!

Brittany said...

These are just darling...would make great stocking stuffers! I am your newest follower...loving your blog :). You have such unique, fabulous ideas!

mary said...

Do the size of the Bobby pin flat back make a difference? I have a 5mm size and can't get it to sit flat on the fabric button. Thx

Jessica said...

You know Mary, I'm not really sure, because I think I had the same problem with these bobby pins and the buttons. I found that the back of my buttons were a bit deep, and the flat part of the bobby pin didn't stick out high enough... strange, huh? Maybe you can find different kinds of buttons or different bobby pins to fit.