Sleepy Blue Bird

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Thought I would share my latest baby hat I just finished.

It's my favorite hat yet. I adore those sleepy eyes!
It's the best formed hat I've made, and it's it's super soft and stretchy. I've learned to loosen up on my stitching for hats and they are turning out so much better! Before I ever attempted to make a hat I remember thinking trying a hat would be so scary and hard! But now that I've made quite of few of them, they are so easy! And with most simple hat patterns you can add anything to turn them into cute animal hats or anything else! I love it! I'm so tempted to keep this little birdie hat, but I added him to my shop. I plan to make him again. 
... Oh yes, that reminds me. I have some news I never told. I'm going to be an auntie! My little sister (7 years younger) is pregnant and she had her first ultra sound a few weeks ago.

When I saw this photo I got so emotional! I started crying! Wow, this little peanut is real and it's my family... my little niece or nephew.... So amazing. And I'm so excited to make all sorts of cute things for the baby to wear!!
  There are a few people telling my mom (back in California) that I really need to get a move on having kids because I'm getting old. To be honest, I'm not ready and I'm not worried either. I'm 26. I don't exactly think that's considered old yet haha! We are just waiting for awhile, and enjoying each other alone. So if you're reading this and by chance you are one of those people who are worried that I haven't rushed into having babies already, please don't ask or recommend anymore. When it's our time, you will know. Much appreciated.


Krystle Watters said...

I love the hat, too cute! Congratulations on soon becoming an aunt!

Sweet Nest said...

Cute hat!!!... I know what you mean about feeling rushed on having kids. It's all in due time.I feel like so many people are asking me about why we aren't having anymore yet, but like you said, we just aren't ready, and 26 is NOT too old!!! I know women having babies for their first time at 40!
You really have a knack for these crocheting/crafts! <3