DIY business cards for my shop

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Exciting news! I've had 3 sales in my shop!! 
I've been so excited about those sales and had way too much fun packaging the items for mailing
.. I'm just like that! 

So I thought I'd make my own business cards to add along with the items!-- on the CHEAP! .. and super simple! I recently saw these DIY business cards and was inspired to make up my own too. (Her's are suuuuper cute!) 

I used cardboard food boxes! Yah! It doesn't take long to have a collection of boxes.. seriously, if you had looked under my kitchen sink when I was saving these up, you would have though I hadn't taken my trash out in a month! SO I just traced business card sized card onto my cardboard and cut out all my cards!.. I pretty much have a million of them :)

Then, because I love rounded corners, I used my corner cutter to give the cards cute rounded corners.
See, much cuter already!

I L.O.V.E Michael's craft store! I found the cuuutest stamps in the dollar bins! I used this little stamp and my little ink pad which I also got from the dollar bin.

I stamped a sweet little birdie on each card and just wrote my shop name and website.. 
on EACH CARD!... my fingers kind of hurt. My handwriting is not the prettiest.. it depresses me. But I'm going to have a custom stamp made with my shop name and website!! :) I created what I want it to look like, font and all, and I'm just saving up to buy it (from an etsy seller).

Here's the lovely and attractive backs of my little business cards! .. I hope I don't make people hungry for pizza or whatever else I'm advertising on the back of my cards!!

And that's pretty much all there is to it! 
Told ya they were super cheap and simple. 
But I think they're cute and I like to put them with the orders.


Lula said...

so cute! they're adorable! great job!

Justina F. Lee said...


Anna of IHOD said...

Jessica these are awesome. I love the design and how it is handmade. Off to check out your shop!

Kelly said...

Oh my word, Jessica, these. are. adorable. Perfect. The birdie is so sweet!

P.S. I have that same milk glass dish in the last photo!

Anonymous said...

What a nifty idea! I wish I would have thought of this before I bought Avery business cards -_-;

Love your blog, by the way. Very cute ;]

The Ravert Family said...

I received my necklack and hair clips in the mail yesterday! Thank you so much. I love them :)

The Ravert Family said...

necklace..that is ;)

Aura said...

Superb!! Would it be ok to pin and share this fantastic DIY on Pinterest?