Cheap Earring Displey Holder: Craft Room

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hello, it's me! ... I feel like a stranger on my own blog! Oh how I've missed blogging about crafts and projects and such.. I just don't have much to share these days. There are a few larger projects that I'm in the middle of procrastinating working on for our master bedroom though, and I can't wait to finish those up! So until I have those projects complete I think I all stick to some smaller projects that I can finish right away without sweat, tears and involving laziness! 

This week I made myself an earring holder for some of my shop earrings.

I  just bought a grease strainer thingy at the dollar store . . .
(I saw this done before online somewhere but don't remember where)

 . . . and painted it with my pretty new Krylon Watermelon paint that Hubby got me for my birthday. 
(I'm using it sparingly and saving most of it for something good because it's special).

Then I hot glued twine around the handle and glued on a little loop for hanging.

Filled it up with earrings and there you go! 
Told you it was one of those quick projects :)

For now I like it.. until I'm inspired with a better idea for displaying my shop earrings! :) 

The color looks nice and pretty next to my bright blue cork board! Oops, sorry for not photographing that though.. my camera was dying on me. But I am working on putting a few more things on my craft room wall and then I'll get some nicer pictures to show. Promise.

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Anonymous said...

Thats a cool idea!