Dollar Store Owl Gets A New Look

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hello Hello! Did you all forget about me?!.. I wouldn't blame you if you did. I've been MIA for a very long time on my little blog here and have been feeling sad about not keeping up with anything or sharing any tid bits. So I thought I'd share a fun and quick little makeover I did tonight!

I found this sad little owl at the dollar store today for $2.

 .. it cried for me to take it home and give it some TLC. So I gave in to the little cutie and in my basket he went. 

The wings were like a foamy tree bark feeling material, so I wanted to remove those. It was too hard to pick at it, so he got a little bird bath and soaked for awhile in the suds. Aaahhh, that looks relaxing..

After soaking for like 2 minutes the tree bark foam junk peeled off like a charm! ...

.. but then there was this layer of weird stuck hard glue... I couldn't get it off so I soaked him for like 10 minutes. Then I was able to peel it all right off easily.

He's a little terracotta owl underneath! :)

After he was all dried off, I set up a little spot on my balcony and sprayed away using Kylon's Bauhaus Gold.

So much cuter, right!? 

Oh ya, let me introduce you to my lovely little piano! I got it for free from Kijiji! It was actually quite the ordeal trying to get help for picking it up and moving it here. One mover kept falling through and wouldn't keep to his word and I thought it was never going to happen, but finally we found a nice mover guy and my piano finally made it to its new home. I love it! It needs work and a tune up, but for now it's perfect and plays great! And my sweet little owl looks pretty cute chillin' up there too! 

... aah, it feels nice to blog a project again : )

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Kelly said...

Cute! I love that mustardy gold!