Crochet: Simple Statement Ornaments

Monday, December 3, 2012

Here's a simple and easy crochet project I pinned onto my Christmas board a few months ago. I found the idea on a blog called Goodknits. She crocheted around these circular objects called cabone rings. I've never attempted or even thought about crocheting around objects like this before. I wasn't planning on making them, until I found some old curtain clip rings {6 to be exact} while I was cleaning out my craft room last weekend.

I just took out all of the screws and got to work creating pretty new ornaments for our tree.

They were pretty easy for the most part. Basically single crocheting around the ring, filling it up (took 45 single crochets), and then lots of chaining and more single crochets to form the little loops. But you can just go check out the instructions for yourself on Goodknits.

I think they turned out cuuuute!

I didn't have any wire ornament hooks so I just made my own with some wire I had. Paper clips would also work for making ornament hooks.

OooOOOooOoOhh... presents under the tree already!?! ;)

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Dresden said...

They turned out beautifully!! I wish I could crochet :) maybe someday...