Old Plant Stand Made Pretty

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Last winter I picked up this old neat looking plant stand from someone's trash pile at the end of their driveway. .. I seem to like trash finds, don't I? 

Since the warm weather has finally graced us with its presence, I decided I felt like giving it a makeover! So out of the storage closet it came! 

I brushed it up a bit with a little scrubber to get some little bits of gunk left behind from when I gave it a bath in my tub after bringing it home. Then gave it a quick wipe down with some bathroom cleaning wipes.

Spray painting can be a challenge when living in an apartment, so I went for some acrylic craft paint.. plus it's cheaper! The color on the bottle says Aqua, but the photo totally doesn't show its true color. It has more of a greenish tint.. I can't describe it very well really. But it's very vibrant and not as dull as the photo shows. I hate that! But atleast I can see it's true beauty when I look at it in person!

It's so nice to sit out on my balcony and work on a project on a nice sunny day!

And here's my new plant stand!
.. Don't laugh at my poor droopy little plant. I've had it since our first year of being married and it's kind of always been a mopey little plant.

I think I like it inside.. not sure still.. 
And I think I'd like to get a pretty new pot to fit inside.. white, maybe?

Refreshing little update :) 


Kelly said...

pretty! love that color!

The Ravert Family said...

I am in love with that color.. It's all over my living room!