My simple fall decorations

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mom always said fall was her favorite time of year. I never realized what the big deal of it was until I got older, and boy do I agree with her now! There's just something about fall.. it brings some kind of wonderful feeling in the atmosphere. You just can't help but "fall" in love with fall!
I love to burn candles and make our place smell yummy. The other day I bought a pumpkin spice candle and have been melting it on my candle warmer. M-M-M! LOVE IT! That's another favorite part of the season- the smells!

Then there's the changing colors of the leaves.
Beautiful. Gorgeous. Peaceful. Dreamy.

Thanks to all you bloggers out there, I have been inspired and motivated to do a little of my own simple decorating for the season {emphasis on simple}

After coming across this pretty work of art
by High heels and a Hammer

.. and this super cute creation
found at Love Stitched 

I had an idea for my own..

and here it is

 OK, so I realize mine in NO way compares to the others! .. because they are just a-mazing!
But I tried.. and I like it.
My pinecones are the cinnamon smelling ones. So you can just imagine with that and the candle our little apartment smells YUMMY! Even my Hunny loves it!

And here are some pretty colorful leaves I picked

... and framed

How's some fall decor to clothe our naked living room wall for the season?
We like it, but photos just don't do the arrangement justice. .. you know how that goes.

That's my Hunny, sitting in the biggest comfiest recliner.
We like our cozy little mismatched living room.

And here's my candle collection and simple scattered fall decorations- pretty simple
Mmmmmm... wonderful smelling cinnamon pinecones
I love my candles!

 Do you see the white card in the middle??
That's our VERY FIRST 1 year anniversary card!
October 24th marks the special day.

There you have it. My very simple fall decorations for the season that
I love love LOVE.

Happy season of dreamy fall!

... I may be back soon with more fall posts. I have some plans up my sleeve {as always}.


Leah {Living Life Crafty} said...

Very cute decorations! I also love your grocery bag holder. Definitely going to buy some Pringles and make one!

Kristen said...

Thank you for including my wreath on your post. That was very sweet of you. I think yours turned out darling. And I love cinnamon pinecones - such a great fall/holiday scent.