Super easy and CUTE napkin rings

Friday, October 29, 2010

Last week the ladies from my church threw me a housewarming party, and I received SO many packs of decorative napkins! {throw-away kinds}. It was actually kind of funny as I opened each gift, out came another pack or three or four of these packs of napkins!! I'm thinking to myself, "Is this a well-known thing to give at a housewarming or what?!" 

A friend shared a link with me today on a napkin ring tutorial. They were so cute and I had everything to make them {empty tin foil roll, twin and hot glue}, so I made some! 

I cut 6 pieces from the roll but only had JUST enough twine to finish 4, which is perfect still because we only have 4 seats at our table anyway! They turned out really cute. The tutorial I saw had them decorated with other things such as ribbons, buttons, or letters, but I like mine better plain. 

After getting those finished I was in the mood to set my table all up.. um.. at like 11pm!! 

The fake flowers are in one of our glasses from the set we got for our wedding. We don't use them because they're thin and fragile and we
re afraid we'll break them.. Side note: I recently and randomly found a set of 12 drinking glasses for $7 from the classifieds here in our town! I love them! 6 short, and 6 tall. And thick sturdy glasses Score!

The twine matches the two lines of twin in our silverware wall hanging!

If anyone unexpectedly shows up for dinner tomorrow... we're all ready for ya!
I followed this napkin ring tutorial from A girl and a glue gun.

My mom said she really liked the napkin rings, so I'll be making a set for her too! 
.. after I pick up more twine!

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Such a great idea! :)