Craft Show Day!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

What a fun experience today has been! We packed the car last night so we wouldn't have much to do this morning. Maybe I've made a big deal about this craft show thing and a little paranoid in some areas, .. mostly because I've never done this before and had no idea what to expect. So, I was actually the first vendor to arrive and got right to work on setting up my display. Since I've done a few practice runs at home, I seemed to fly through the set up part! I was done and waiting while everyone else was still setting up and some even just showing up! Hubby said it took about 45 minutes to get it all up. 

From 10am to 3pm we didn't get much traffic. Hubby went and picked us up Ice Caps from Tim Hortons.

Yes, my Hubby was there with me the whole time! I really appreciated him being there.. for someone to keep me company, be a support, and also make sure I didn't rip anyone off {ya, I sometimes get all brain confused when dealing with money and pressure}. Anyone else drag their Hubby's to craft shows?? He wasn't totally bored....

A lot of the other vendors were starting to pack their tables up around 12:30! A couple fellow vendors stopped over to check out my table and were talking about how this craft show event probably was not well advertised. It was a fundraiser event and I thought it would have been a good idea if us vendors took it upon ourselves to do some advertising... if only we had known. Well, you live, experience, and learn! Note to self for next time! 

BUT, aside from there not being much traffic, I actually was pretty pleased with what sales I did make which was about $100. Exactly half of the sales were from family stopping in to see my table and support me! {Hubby's uncle, aunts, parents, sister and cousin}. I'm loved : ) 

One of the things I especially enjoyed about today was being able to get out in the community and see and meet other crafters. And today I met such a sweet person, Paula from The Little Carousel of Tina. We actually met online before the craft show and found out we were both going to this same event! We've been  following each others' blogs and Facebook pages now. So even though I hadn't personally met her before, I felt like we had a little connection already and it made it easier to come out of my shy shell and be friendly. So now I feel like I can totally relate to all the other blogger/crafters out there who go to craft shows and meet up with other blogger/crafters!

Paula makes really beautiful things.
And I just had to buy a few!

 Paula really likes photography and she takes such pretty pictures. Well, using some of her photos, she makes the most ADORABLE earrings!!! Are these not so different and unique!? After the show she gave me a couple pairs of earrings. She's so sweet. I picked these two.

Feeling pretty in my new earrings

Thank you Paula!! 
You should check out her shop

I'd definitely love to find some more craft shows to participate in! I thought today was a really fun and great experience for my first craft show.

Okay, off to bed I go!

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Paula Gir said...

Thank you!! They look very nice on you!!! :) I had so much fun yesterday and I'm happy to met you!!


paula G