Chevron Nails

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

 Had some fun with my finger nails this afternoon! I should have titled this post "Messy Chevron Nails." .. but I kind of like the sloppy chevron zig-zags ...{too much time on my hands???} I've had an extra week off of work and I've been kind of lazy.. I haven't been in the mood to work on new shop listings and this would actually be a perfect time to work on all that. Sometimes it's such a chore to photograph my items! haha! ... Oh, and I say an "extra" week off work, because I took two weeks off work to go home to California to be with my family because my Grampa had stomach cancer and was having surgery. He did well during surgery and is recovering beautifully! Just learning how to eat smaller portions now. Two weeks is never long enough to spend time with far-away family {especially if you have a baby niece as adorable as mine!}, but two weeks is WAY TOO LONG to be away from my Hubby! But I'm back and waiting for my boss to let me know when she's been able to put me back on the schedule again.

I wish I was better about blogging lately! But I promise I do have some fun little things coming up SOON! I just have to finish them up .. and we all know how I am with finishing projects.. maybe I shouldn't have promised "soon" and instead promised "eventually." !!


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