A Picnic in the Park

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

With a temperature of 83 degrees (including humidity would make it in the 90's), our apartment was pretty hot yesterday. I can handle the heat, but the humidity is what kills me! .. my hair agrees. And living on the 3rd floor with no air conditioning gets a bit uncomfortable.. especially for me lately because I've recently developed some asthma like symptoms. I'm thinking the humid weather has possibly caused this little flair up. So with it being such a hot day, we planned to go swimming at the public pool just around the corner when Hubby got off work. Then we'd have a picnic afterwards in the park. Sounded like fun to me! The pool felt so good! .. But then the sun started setting and we got a little chilly. Time for our picnic dinner! I made egg sandwiches, which have been a favorite of ours lately. And with such hot and humid weather we'd rather not make the apartment any hotter by cooking .. except I did bake some cookies to take with us! .. I realized that I need a super cute picnic basket!

Mmm, cookies and milk!

What's a picnic without cute photos, right?
 .. that and I seem addicted to taking photos of everything we do together these days!!

I have to say that we are definitely my favorite couple ever! : )

 Here are some really romantic and cozy picnic ideas I found on Pinterest...



 A collection of picnic baskets! .. hmm, which one to choose..

Now you probably want to go on a picnic, right? : )

Have fun! 

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Paula Gir said...

Beautiful your pictures, I see you had a great picnic day!!