Happy Birthday To Me!

Monday, September 17, 2012

28 Years Today!

Thank you Jesus, for 28 wonderful years of life! 

What a great day today has been! First of all, it was my day off! Whoo-hoo!
No matter how old you get, your birthday is always special and you always feel like a princess : ) I hope it's not just me, but I want to be super cute on my birthday and feel it too! And today I felt it for sure. It helps when you have a cute husband who spoils you on your birthday too! Last night he was acting sneaky and kicked me out of my craft room and said I wasn't allowed to go in there until tomorrow. INSANE MAN! You can't kick a girl out of her craft room, even if it is because of her birthday!!!!! ... but I managed to survive the night : )

 This morning he made me a yummy breakfast

Then had me open his gifts... 

Does my man know me or what?! .. he loves a happy woman! 

He picked me these pretty flowers from a random bush across the street. I've been saying how I want to go out one night and pick some, because I see them from my living room. 

His ever-so-sweet birthday card

Inside he wrote "..and again and again and again, if I had the chance." 

Then I unwrapped these! 
Now how many girls can say their husbands have done a Pinterest inspired project??? I've mentioned a few times how I wanted to do this, and he beat me to it : ) I'm proud of him! I burned them for about 20 minutes, but our whole apartment smelled like bacon so I blew them out to save the candles for later!  

And the last thing I unwrapped was this precious acorn necklace! I found it on Etsy a few weeks ago and fell in love with it! He created an Etsy account just to buy this for me! I had created a treasury list of all my favorite Fall necklaces on Etsy. You can see that treasury list here

Can't wait to wear it in the Fall! I love it! 

Birthday cards from people that love me

I didn't want to stay home all day since Hubby was working.. so I thought I would go to Michael's craft store since I hadn't been there in awhile and I thought they might have lots of Fall things out now. ... well, ehem.. I never actually made it to Michael's. I was driving by my favorite thrift store and had to stop! I texted Hubby just before leaving the thrift store, "I never made it to Michael's.. evil spirits lured me into Value Village!" 

These are sweet things I found today while there! .. plus a few shirts. Look at those itty bitty baby shoes! I'm a sucker for teeny baby shoes. And my tiny colander! I'm going to get a small plastic pot and a put a little house plant in it. It'll be so cute! And I just couldn't pass up the "Mr. and Mrs" mugs. 

I made a cookie for myself! Isn't it the cutest thing ever?! I purchased this cupcake cookie cutter from ebay and got it in the mail a couple days ago. I was dying to use it! It's so cute, I still haven't eaten it yet!

Of course I made Hubby one too!

Last night at church my sweet Sunday school student gave me this cake she made for me!!! Isn't she so sweet??? She is the only teen at our church and we have fun in our Sunday school class : )

And my sister in-law gave me this pretty little cupcake thing. 
I'm really not quite sure what exactly the inside stuff was, but it was very interesting and VERY pretty!

Oh happy day! .. does it have to end already??

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