Pumpkin Blocks Decor

Sunday, September 30, 2012

It's pumpkin time! I love pumpkins! They make such great Fall decor! 
Here's a fun project I did to prepare for my favorite season, .. which is here now! My hubby's parents had a huge pile of scrap wood in the basement that they were going to use for firewood, but I thought I'd rummage through first and pick out a few pieces I thought worth saving!

I decided these plain squared pieces of wood could be cute transformed into pumpkins!

So I sanded every inch and corner of the pieces really well. To get the pumpkin lines in the wood I used a small knife from my kitchen and slowly made slice marks, then used the skinny edge of a folded piece of sand paper to make the slices more defined. 

I mixed a few of my acrylic craft paints together to get a somewhat orange color. It turned out a bit more coral than I was going for, but after they were all painted I thought it was actually a perfect shade!

 I took skinny pieces of wood I got from their pile and cut them to size to use for the stems, painted them, and hot glued them down. 

To get my wire to look swirly-like, I twisted wire tightly around a pen, then played around bending them how I wanted them to hang, then hot glued the piece to the top of the block around the stem. Fabric bows seems like the perfect finishing touches!


They turned out so cute! I am so super impressed with my sweet little pumpkins! 

Happy Fall Decorating!

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Paula Gir said...

Wow very pretty!!!

Paula G