Door Sign with our Name

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The other night I decided to make something new for the outside of our front door. For the holidays I had made up some winter-ish looking thing to hang.. Well the snow has been gone for about a month now and the warm weather has started arriving! I L-O-V-E spring time and sunshine.. means I get to bust out my flip flops! .. Though .. it's been raining the last two days. Anyway! Here's a picture of my little winter concoction

So now you see why I must change it! Not that it's ugly .. just time to kick those snowflakes outta town! And so I did. I had a picture frame stuffed in my closet (which came from a dollar.. when I still lived in California) , still in the wrapping. The matting in the frame had squares to hold 4 small photos. I took out the matting and picked my pretty piece of scrapbook paper and some black paper for the background. For our name it would have been lots easier to just print out the font I wanted and cut that, but my husband's printer was out of ink and I'm extremely impatient so I just free handed our name and tediously cut it out and pasted it to the scrapbook papered background and put the frame back together. Done with that, I looked at it and I just wasn't satisfied so I took some white acrylic paint and with the wooden point of my tiny paint brush dotted white polka dots along the frame. It was much more satisfying. 
The camera caught a reflection in the glass on the frame.. so that little vertical line on the left side on the black paper is not some extra thing I did.. it's just the reflection of our neighbors' door.
Ahhhh, a nice fresh look to our lovely apartment door. .. As I was taking the photos my husband was spying on me through the peep hole! And then pretended to lock me out...


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