My Little Easter Eggs

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Dollar Store was calling my name last week (actually, it does every week, but most of the time I have a little more will power). I was picking up some cute things to put together a little something for my husband for Easter. Picked up some simple plastic eggs, came home and put his little Easter basket together and then decided I would be random and paint the rest of the eggs. Sometimes I get so bored I do anything just for something to do! They actually turned out pretty cute. I just used some Acrylic paints that I got from... (chuckle) the dollar store and after I put a couple coats on I used something called Varathane (a clear finish) over the paint.                                               

What a center piece. I thought it was cute! (actually the fish bowl was the only thing I had here in the apartment to place them in) I cut up some of my scrapbook paper into skinny little strips and folded them in several pieces to make straw.

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