Greeting Cards Made with Love

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tragedy struck our apartment the other night. We lost the near-by internet connection that we had been "mooching" from the past few months. So instead of the usual spending all hours laying on the couch reading super cool decor and craft ideas I decided to make some birthday cards for my husband's family. He has about five April birthdays in his family and we just had a little get-together for everyone tonight. I have to say, I'm pretty impressed with myself for making such cute cards. I thought they were too cute to give away after I made them! I made a couple more so I could keep the others.. and decided those were too cute as well! (Don't worry, I did make some that I actually gave away.)
Here's a photo of my adorably cute cards.
Using my acrylic paints to make cards was so fun, and the pictures are so simple! It's neat how something so simple to do can turn out so adorable. Ribbons and twine are fun to use too!
SO if you've recently found yourself in a sudden crisis (aka no internet .. *laughing*) or you're in the crafty mood, then pull out your overflowing craft box and get to work fun! You never know when you'll be needing a greeting card to brighten up somebody's day.


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