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Friday, August 13, 2010

Today's a rainy, cold, dreary day.. but at the same time I find days like this kind of cozy. Husband said, "Maybe tonight we can watch a movie." ... that makes it even more cozy! I love movie nights. 
So in this mood of coziness I feel like chatting about some things from the last couple of weeks.. 

Last week hubby and I went to A&W and used "free root beer float" coupons I found on a blog. 

Y.U.M!! Did anyone else find and use that coupon?? 
Since we're in Canada we weren't sure if the A&W's out here were participating in the coupon thing, but we tried for it anyway. It was kind of funny, because the young guy that took our orders had never seen or heard about this coupon offer!.. neither did another girl working there! But they let us do it. And the funnier thing.. the coupon says that we're supposed to buy something first and then get the free float.. Yah, he didn't know about that either! ... We totally could have got away with just free floats when he punched in the free floats on the cash register and said, "Is that all?" HAHA! ..Don't worry, we bought a hamburger and fries! 

I LOVE the A&W mugs! We were wondering if we could buy two of them from the restaurant. A friend told me you can! So we'll wait till we go back home to New Brunswick after this summer and purchase our very own A&W mugs. I'm excited.

We had a nice time together. I was pretty moody that day and the night before from some things and we talked for a good long while. It was really nice and my sweet husband cheered me up.

.. we also went to a park afterwards to swing.

One thing that may be annoying about me (but I'm sure many women understand!) is that I take my camera with us everywhere we go. I love capturing our moments together when we do special things.

...and.. uh.. I think we're pretty special..

There's more to that night! We came home and I checked my email to find a random message from Hubby that said,

"You got an email from your lover,
Go to him for more to discover..."

So I did... and he pulled out a little blue sticky note from his wallet that had a clue on it.. leading me to another clue, which led to another.. and so on. Yeah! A scavenger hunt!

At the end of this hunt I found this..

.. a beeeeee-U-teee-ful home decor sign! WEEKS ago I spotted this at Walmart and absolutely fell in love with it. I love the colors, the style.. just everything about it! We've tried to be a little cautious about buying too much while we're out here in Saskatchewan for the summer, knowing that we have to fly back with everything, but he wanted to get this for me now in case we couldn't find it back home. Isn't he so sweet??!

L.O.V.E. it!

The end of a perfect day...  for that day anyway!
*     *     *     *     *
A couple of weeks ago I decided I would try bangs again. I stopped cutting them in May 09 because I wanted my hair to grow out for our wedding. So I've gotten used to no bangs. I was a little nervous to do it again, but I just cut a couple inches off at first.

I left them like that for a week or so, and decided to cut more off because they were poking me in the eyes! .. plus hubby thought they'd be better shorter. I wasn't happy after I cut them the first time though. The thought, "maaaaan, why'd I go and do this again for?!" kept coming to my mind .. I guess I just got used to nothing sitting on my forehead and forgot about having to always push them around when they bugged me. haha! But.. yes, I cut more off!

It's definitely not a perfect cutting job! Don't look too close. I straighten them. They feel alot better shorter and I'm trying to train that whole chunk of hair with my straightener to stay to the side more. I'll get used to it again.
*     *     *     *     *
Ooh! Hubby bought me a new shirt a couple weeks ago! It's definitely not something I would have noticed and picked out for myself, but it caught his eye and he told me to try it on and he loved it! I did too! 

.. You now how when you try things on in the store they look amazing, .. and.. then when you go to wear it at home.. it just doesn't feel or look the same as it did in the store? Am I the only one this happens to?? I love the shirt, but it just doesn't look the same as it did at first. Bummer. Maybe it's just in my head.. but I feel like I look alot bigger than how I did in the store.. I always say they rig the mirrors in the store to make you look good to buy the item! ... never know! But I still love my new shirt and will think of hubby whenever I wear it.. I'm wearing it now actually!

*     *     *     *     *

The crafty side of me this week...
.. pretty much very little.

I did make a little insert thing to go into my circle frame I got from the thrift shop a while back. It's just something temporary because I was super bored the other day!

1. I cut a circle from a cereal box
2. Glued newspaper pieces on the circle cardboard
3. Printed out my words and transferred them onto the newspaper circle by making my own transfer paper (aka penciling the back of the printed paper and then laying it on the newspaper circle and tracing the font which then transfers the font to the newspaper).
4. Painted the phrase
5. Glued on felt hearts
6. Tackily taped the cardboard circle to the back!

It's totally cheesy, I know. But like I said, I was board and wanted something to do.. I'll paint the frame when I go home and find some other more permanent use for it.


I made some cute little marshmallow treats the other day!

I saw the idea from someone's blog.. don't remember who. But I've seen them a bunch of times everywhere! So I melted some chocolate chips and dipped the marshmallows in it and then dipped them in sprinkles. YUM. We went to our friends' house for dinner last night and we made some there too! I think they're just so cute! .. much cuter than they are yummy!

That's enough blurbs from recent happenings!
Take care all! 

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Megan said...

I thought they were mini cupcakes at first glance - but no! They're marshmallows! Great idea.