Master bedroom dreaming

Monday, August 16, 2010

It's so much fun to dream! I'm currently dreaming about a beautiful master bedroom.
 Here's our master bedroom so far.

We bought a brand new queen size bed when we moved into our apartment in November of 2009. This comforter set was given to us for Christmas. I found our cute little bedside lamps at Walmart for cheap. And don't you love our nightstands?? The room is pretty big, I just never have taken a picture of the whole thing. 

My mom had been working on a quilt for us the summer before we got married and finally finished it a couple of months after Christmas and sent it to us. Didn't she do a great job?! I was really wanting to do our room in browns and greens, like the quilt (I love brown), but now I'm wanting to do more bold and a little brighter of colors.

As you can probably figure, I can't wait to put together a beautiful room for us. For curtains we have a bed sheet pinned up over our mini blinds, and there's absolutely nothing on the walls yet. 

Searching through blogs and other online decor sites, I have found so many inspiring photos of beautiful master bedrooms. Thought I would share what I've found! (Some of the photos I don't remember where I found them. If they're yours, let me know so I can give you credit!)

Here's a comfortable looking room. I love the matching lamps. And notice the nightstands don't match? Very cute and creative to use a stack of books to higher the lamp up to match the height of the other one. My favorite aspect of this room would be the lamps.

Love the headboard here. Dark wood is my favorite look. This room looks real comfy.

The Thriftress 
Not sure if it's just this main wall painted blue, but this photo gives me the idea for it!
What an A-dor-able headboard made from painted boards!!!

Centsational Girl 
Okay, this room is a just a little too perfect and clean for my taste, but it's still gorgeous! It's like a haven, and I want our room to have that feeling. I've been spotting lately the two different night stands look, and I'm liking it!

Design Sponge
How unique is this idea?! A folding screen turned into a headboard! .. Is it obvious I'm ranting over headboards a bit? Ya, we don't have one. So I'm practically drooling over every other headboard idea I see! Totally love this one by the way!

All Things Thrifty
Interesting headboard idea. DIY cloth covered canvases. Again love the main wall painted (not sure if that's the case here, but again, gives me the idea). The colors are so fun!
LOVE LOVE LOOOOVE this  headboard! This must be my favorite one. Ooh, and adding some decorative ribbon to plain white sheets is a fantastic idea! 

Here are a couple of bedding sets that I randomly came across.. and totally fell in love with! Aren't they beautiful?! Hubby just said he would rather the gray design set over the other. He should be more careful of what he says because if I ever "run into" that set I'm definitely buying it! It would actually go great (I think) with the colors I'd like to do our room in. Black, white and turquoise-ish.

This room is like a cave! Love the wall space for the photos! (for sure I want photos up framed in our room). The bamboo blinds and chandelier give a cozy, romantic, and unique feel.

Nice curtains!

Great idea for an area rug under the bed! The carpeting in our apartment is just hideous! Seriously, a greenish blue! YUCK! ...*ding* I shall buy a rug.

Lovely! A comfy chair in a cozy corner is a must! I just love the idea of "hanging out" in the bedroom. So I want our room to be a room we can just sit and spend time together or just "be" in.

How romantic and pretty! This is made from curtains rods attached to the ceiling. It goes ALL the way around! So super creative!

I pretty much am in love with HIGH beds and this is a perfect example. We don't even have a bed frame yet! But I would love for something like this! This is a nice headboard/footboard set too. I think I would paint it black!

Great example of the colors I might be going for sometime. Maybe not as extreme as this, but those are the colors. I really like those curtains too! I want to find some matching lamps and fix them up and repaint them the turquoise color. FUN! 

A bench at the end of the bed is a pretty sweet aspect.

And just one more idea...
A church pew headboard!! HAHA! I died when I saw this! I wouldn't do it, but I think it's awesome!!

I must needs take a 
break from daydreaming... 

ta ta!

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