Oreo mint ice cream cake!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Anyone else in the audience as big a fan of ice cream as me?!?! Its my FAVE-orite sweet and I could be in the mood for it anytime! A few months ago I put my status on facebook as "craving ice cream..." (something on those lines), and you would not believe the comments I got back on that! The majority of the comments went like this, "YOU'RE PREGNANT!!" ... Comments such as that are a SURE sign that you don't know me very well at all. Of course it took my BFF to comment also and say something like, "HELLO! Saying she has a craving for ice cream is SO totally normal for her!!" 

So, in honor of my love for ice cream I thought I would share what I made for my friend's birthday today. 
Oreo mint ice cream cake!!

Here are the ingredients I used for my cake. 
No recipe!! 

oreo cookies
mint chocolate chip ice cream 
cool whip
vanilla instant pudding mix

1. I crushed up more than half the bag of oreo cookies and mixed that with some melted butter, then spread it all over the bottom of the dish for the crust layer. 
2. Mixed vanilla pudding mix according to instructions on the box then mixed in the cool whip with it and spread all of it on top of the cookie crust. 
3. Softened the ice cream by dumping the carton into a large bowl and stirred it around like crazy until it was soft and smooth (didn't want to mess up the pudding/cool whip layer). Then spread all of it on top of the pudding/cool whip layer. 
4. Topped it with more crushed cookies 


T'was very yumalicious and everyone else loved it too! 


Allison said...

YUMMY!!! I will totally have to try this! I am SOOOOO an ice cream person as well!

the thrifty ba said...

im on desserts for sunday-we will be making this!