Crocheted coasters

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

 Crocheting over here has been rather slow and uh.. well, non existent for the past couple weeks. Hubby was sick a couple weeks ago then I got it- the flu! UGH... It was a miserable few days and I couldn't eat anything! But I'm okay now :) Back to my ole self again.. and wanting to crochet stuff!.. anything!
I found these adorable crocheted coasters on an Etsy shop called Unravel Me Designs {it's the pattern for the coasters she sells}. I wanted to figure out on my own how to make something similar! So I did some searching around and I found this video on how to make round circles. I stopped after I finished round 3 and then added scalloped edges, like in my scarf.

And here is my copy-cat set!

The scalloping is a bit on the wonky side.. I still need to master that! 
But I still think they're cuties even with imperfections!

After I was almost finished with the first blue one, I realized I was using my larger hook .. and for the brown ones I used my smaller hook. Oops! Oh well.

Like my new coasters? :)


Tristin @ Two Girls Being Crafty said...

They're precious!

ificould said...

super cute!!! what a great idea - we'll have to try some of our own. thanks for sharing!
Missy & Kimi

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

These are so pretty. You do really great work. These coasters would make such a cute gift especially with a set of mugs!