Vintage Pyrex Mixing Bowls!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

After a year and four months of being married, I now, as of tonight, have my very own set of mixing bowls! Thursday I was browsing through the adds on and came across a set of 3 vintage Pyrex mixing bowls for $15. Oh boy was I excited! .. but then, I figured they had most likely been sold already.. because adorable vintage bowls just seem to be the rave these days. But I sent an email to the seller anyway. .. Well against my doubts, they had not been sold, and she was even willing to hold them for me {for TWO DAYS} until I could come get them! .. I almost died! How sweet of her! {usually people say "first come first serve"} Then she sent me another email including a photo of two larger bowls that matched right along with the other three, .. just in case I was interested in these too {for another $15}!!! Are you kidding me?!?!?! I love you!!!!! .. okay, that wasn't exactly my reply to her, but it was something close to it!! Anyway, I'll just shut up now and show you the bowls! Who really wants to sit here and listen {er.. read..} my blabbing anyway!?! 

I loveth them dearly!

{what's that big ole stack of books doing on my kitchen table?!... 
oh yah, my Hubs is preaching tomorrow night so he's been preppin' away for his sermon in Philippians!}

I need to take a break from all this giddiness! 


Linda said...

I love your bowls! My husband and I will have been married 30 years this November. I have one of the original mixing bowls that I got as a wedding gift.


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At Home With Michelle said...

I love your new bowls, my husbands grandmother passed down a platter to me that has the vintage look, I love it a lot,I love the vintage style look, and really love the bowls:)

Trisha said...

Such a great find!! I have them in a green & the same white ones you have that my mom gave me. I just love them :)

Mary said...

Adorable ... I have those in a turquoise and white and use them all the time. Now I'm hoping to score a set in avocado green for my camper! :)