My new RED coat!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

I've always loved and wanted a red coat... always swooned over them as I passed by them in stores. Last month Hubby and I were at the mall checking out some things, and as we were on our way out I spotted IT! It was outside the little store on a rack with a 50% off sign. "LOOK!" I shouted and pointed. I tried it on, and guess what? Yes, I fell in love :) I didn't want to take it off {aka it screamed "take me home!".. just to clarify}. So I bought it- for $30!! For Christmas I was given a gift card for the mall from the people I babysit for, and I had some other gifted cash on me as well, so it was pretty much free! I'm not really sure what you call the type of material it is, but it's not a peacoat type, it's more like a lighter spring (here in Canada) or fall coat. It's still cold here in New Brunswick so I was able to wear my new red coat to church today. Perfect day for it too! It wasn't FREEZING, but just cold enough. 

.. the coat, not the weather..

We tried taking nice photos of it outside, but they aren't that great.. 

.. not impressed with the photos.. or more like not impressed with my poses, and "the-sun-is-in-my-eyes" face. 
Maybe I'll update with some betters photos. 

Anyway, my new red coat. I like it :)

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Sailing with bare feet said...

Oh my goodness !!! I love it !! It's so so stinking cute !!!!